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Panna Cotta



1. In a very small saucepan sprinkle gelatin over water and let stand for approximately 1 minute to soften. Heat gelatin mixture over low heat until gelatin is dissolved. Remove pan from heat.
2. In a large saucepan bring cream, half and half, and sugar just to a boil over moderately high heat, stirring. Remove pan from heat and stir in gelatin mixture and vanilla.
3. Divide cream mixture among eight 1/2-cup ramekins and cool to room temperature. Chill ramekins, covered, at least 4 hours or overnight.
4. Dip ramekins, 1 at a time, into a bowl of hot water for approximately 3 seconds. Run a thin knife around the edge of each ramekin and invert each ramekin onto the center of a small plate. Garnish with fresh berries, berry sauce or caramel sauce, and mint leaves.