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Passion Fruit Salad


My kids are obsessed with passion fruit. They’ll pick a passion fruit over a bag of sour sticks any day of the week. It’s great, I know, but it’s the kind of healthy choice that will make me broke at $2.99 a pop.   I believe this obsession started on a trip to London, years back. I’m not sure why, but passion fruits are pretty common and cheap there. So as a result, every time I traveled to London, or, as a matter of fact, every time anyone I knew traveled there, I made sure we’d smuggle at least a dozen passion fruits back to the US. My sister from Golders Green knows this is her only ticket into our home.   Therefore, you can begin to understand my joy when I discovered passion fruit pulp in the freezer section of my local grocery! Granted, you cannot compare to eating the actual fruit with a spoon. But the flavor is all there.   When it comes to preparing a fruit salad, there are no set rules. A salad that’s prepared in August will not and cannot be the same  as the one prepared in January. Therefore, trust yourself and create your very own combination. I give you here a sample of fruits (the ones I used for the picture) but you can change it all to your liking. The secret here lies in the “sauce.”


1. For a beautiful presentation, like in the photo, spend a few minutes dicing the fruits with care. You want small, even cubes. Combine all diced fruit in a bowl and add the bag of defrosted passion fruit pulp.
2. Place in a container or bowl, then pour enough orange juice to cover entire salad. This step will ensure that the fruits will stay juicy and crisp.


This fruit salad will last perfectly three days refrigerated. After that it will start to get a little soggy, but it will be still delicious.