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Passover Chocolate Mousse


A velvety chocolate mousse with eggs and chocolate as the starring ingredients. For a dairy version, whip up a container of heavy cream and add it to the mousse.



Place chocolate, oil, coffee and wine in a small pot and cook until a smooth, creamy mixture forms. Cool slightly.


In an electric mixer, beat yolks with half a cup of the sugar for five minutes. Lower the mixer speed and add chocolate mixture.


In a separate bowl of an electric mixer, beat whites with remaining one-fourth cup sugar until stiff.


Gently fold the chocolate-yolk mixture into the egg whites until fully combined.


For the dairy version: Whip up the heavy cream and gently fold into the mousse.


Pour mousse into pretty glass cups. Serve very cold.


To decorate these mousse cups, melt three and a half ounces chocolate and spread over a chocolate transfer sheet or a sheet of baking paper. Freeze chocolate for 10 minutes and break into asymmetrical pieces. Decorate mousse cups with chocolate shards and mini macarons.


Mousse can be made up to 24 hours in advance and refrigerated, or can be stored in the freezer for up two weeks.