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Quinoa Feta Cheese Salad


Submitted by Yittel Margaretten


I was invited to a meeting where a couple of salads were served. I saw a salad which had Romaine lettuce, feta cheese and quinoa. I wanted the recipe, but it was ordered from a caterer. I am very good at trying new recipes, adding my own ideas and figuring out ingredients according to my taste-buds. Here we go, I created this recipe, tried it, and it tastes even better than the one I saw! A real healthy salad, colorful and appetizing. It’s a salad you can make every week and is loved by all. My favorite thing about developing this recipe was that I learned that quinoa is even better when baked – no mess, no dishes, and it’s heaven.


Bake the Quinoa


Combine everything and bake for one hour at 300 degrees Fahrenhiet. Check for readiness.

Prepare the Salad


In a salad bowl combine salad ingredients. Assemble lettuce, vegetables, quinoa and cheese.


Pour oil and salt and spices – mix well before serving.