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Rice Cracker Slaw


I love crunchy things in my salads. From croutons to nuts, I usually grab for something to top a plate of greens. In looking for something lower in calories and fat, I discovered rice cracker mix. Notice the wasabi peas in the picture. For a great kick, try to find the kind of snack mix that includes them. Cabbage and its relatives, the cruciferous vegetables, are not only cancer fighters, but they’re also filled with fiber and they may reduce blood pressure. You can make the salad in advance and store it in a large Ziploc bag, but toss the rice snacks in right before serving or they will get mushy.


For the Slaw


Empty the bag of coleslaw mix into a large bowl.


In a quart-sized container, prepare the dressing: combine rice vinegar, hoisin sauce, honey, salt, mustard powder, ginger, pepper, canola oil, sesame oil, and water. Use a whisk or immersion blender to combine.


Pour the dressing over the coleslaw. Allow it to marinate at least an hour to give the cabbage a chance to soften and for the flavors to mingle. Right before serving, toss the rice crackers on top.


Reproduced from Kosher By Design Lightens Up by Susie Fishbein with permission from the copyright holders ArtScroll/Mesorah Publications, LTD.