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Roasted Salmon with Maple Glaze


One of my, and many of my regulars’, great favorites. The short and dazzling flavor lineup does its magic with practically no work. You will never say you are bored of salmon again! Bluefish will be suitable here, as well as any thick white fish (bass, mahimahi, halibut, etc.).   Makes 8 main course servings, or a dozen ample first course servings.


Prepare the Salmon

1. Preheat the oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix all but the salmon in a bowl.
2. Place the salmon skin-side up in a baking pan just large enough to fit it snugly in one layer (if you have empty spaces, the liquids will burn).
3. Pour the sauce evenly over the fish. Bake 18 minutes, or a minute or two longer, until the fish is tender but firm to the touch.
4. Transfer to a platter and pour the cooking juices over the fish. Serve hot, or at room temperature.


You will notice on the outermost side of each salmon half a flat, opaque strip, which runs the whole length of the fish: It is very fatty and not meaty and contributes nothing but a greasy, fishy taste. Have no mercy, cut it all off and discard it: You are not wasting it, you are saving the salmon. PS: Sushi restaurants use that part of the salmon to great advantage, but you are not a sushi restaurant and are not equipped with their knowledge and quality control, so please don’t go there and order it in a good sushi restaurant instead!


Ed.- This recipe was intended for those who like their fish very well done. For a moister fish we recommend baking for 10 minutes or until salmon is browned and flakes easily with a fork.


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