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Salmon Ceviche Tostada


Fresh salmon ceviche with pico de gallo atop crispy fried wonton skins.   Click here to watch the entire show!


Fry the Wonton Skins

1. Deep fry eight wonton wrappers in hot oil until both sides are golden and crispy.

Prepare the Salmon Ceviche

1. Skin and cube salmon into small, bite-size pieces.
2. Prep your pico de gallo: Combine chopped cucumber, tomato, onion, and cilantro. (Reserve some chopped cilantro for garnish.) Season with salt and pepper.
3. Mix the cubed salmon into the pico de gallo.
4. When ready to serve, juice lemon and lime and mix into the fish mixture. Taste to check whether you need to add more lemon or seasoning.


1. Plate the wontons. Spoon the ceviche on top. Sprinkle the leftover cilantro and drizzle with either spicy mayo or chili garlic sauce.


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