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Salmon Tartare


We’re always on the hunt for a fish appetizer that’s fresh and different, and Chef Gabe totally delivers! His sophisticated salmon tartare plate brings contemporary flavors and beautiful colors together in a dish that’s balanced and delicious. Make this restaurant-quality dish in your kitchen today!


Prepare the Salmon Tartare

1. Mix together orange juice, tangerine juice, wine, and orange zest.
2. Pour mixture over salmon until submerged.
3. Place in fridge for 12-24 hours.
4. Take salmon out to dry in separate pan and place back in fridge.

Prepare the Aioli

1. Blend all ingredients slowly with stick blender for two to three minutes.
2. Add grated horseradish, to taste. Mix in the aioli.

Prepare the Apple Celery Kohlrabi Salad

1. Mix together all salad ingredients.

Prepare the Fried Taro Root Chips

1. Peel a taro root with peeler.
2. Make slices for chips using a mandolin.
3. Deep fry at 250 degrees, for about five minutes. Remove.

For Assembly

1. Cut salmon to 1/4-inch cubes.
2. Add to salmon some chopped shallots, olive oil, salt and fresh orange zest, to taste. Mix together.
3. To plate, put a few scoops of the salmon tartare with a few scoops of the apple, celery, and kohlrabi salad on top. Put a scoop of aioli on the side with taro chips.