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Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel Bark

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When shopping in nonkosher supermarkets, I always look for items to recreate using kosher ingredients. Often it’s a guessing game, but sometimes I get someone to taste both versions to see if it’s like the real thing. This recipe was one of the latter, and I was told that the taste was almost exactly like the original, maybe even a bit richer, and definitely prettier. I tried to cut corners to make it as simple as possible so you can put it together in about 10 minutes from start to finish. The end result is a flavor that you won’t be able to resist! Yields 36 pieces


Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel Bark

  • 16–18 chocolate graham crackers

  • 10 ounces (280 grams) pareve caramel cream (about 3/4 of a Baker’s Choice jar)

  • 2 16-ounce (450-gram) bars semisweet baking chocolate plus 2 ounces (55 grams) for garnish



Line a baking sheet with Gefen Parchment Paper.


Lay out the graham crackers to cover the entire pan.


Place the caramel in a ziplock bag and cut a small piece off the tip of the bag.


Place the chocolate bars in a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave on high heat for one minute. Remove from microwave, mix well, and microwave for another minute and mix again. If necessary, put it back in the microwave for an additional 30 seconds.


Stir the pretzels into the chocolate. Spread the melted chocolate mixture over the graham crackers. Working quickly, pipe the caramel in stripes over the chocolate. Swirl the caramel into the chocolate with a skewer.


Sprinkle the rest of the pretzels on top of the chocolate, pressing them in just a bit so they stick.


When the chocolate is almost set, sprinkle sea salt over it. Melt the remaining two ounces (55 grams) of chocolate and drizzle over all.


Place the pan into the refrigerator and let it cool completely. When it’s set, remove it from the pan with the parchment paper and cut into pieces.


Use the one-ounce (30-gram) pretzel bags, as the pretzels in them are smaller than the ones in the family-size bags. If you’re a caramel lover, drizzle more caramel over the pretzels; the flavor it adds is extraordinary. But keep in mind when storing that the caramel doesn’t harden.


Styling and Photography by Chay Berger. Food Prep by Leah Hamaoui.

Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel Bark

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Susan Jurkowitz
Susan Jurkowitz
1 month ago

I used to be able to print the recipes, but lately it doesn’t have the print icon. Why?

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