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Shabbat Fish Board


This impressive board is sure to add to your Oneg Shabbat. Make sure your oil is screaming hot before you add the fish; the method here is more important than the seasoning.


Prepare the Fish

1. The night before cooking, salt each fillet with a thin layer of kosher salt, then let sit in the fridge overnight. In the morning, pat dry.
2. Prepare a frying pan with oil and set on high heat.
3. For the salmon, sprinkle over the spices and pat them onto the fish. When the oil is hot, sear with the skin side up for four minutes, then flip and cook another three minutes. Remove to a plate lined with paper towels.
4. For the tuna steak, rub all over with egg white. This will help create a really crispy crust. Pat on sesame seeds to cover completely. Set in the freezer for one hour before cooking (this step is optional but highly recommended!). Sear in hot oil for two minutes per side. Remove to a plate lined with paper towels.
5. For the turbot, sprinkle over the spices and pat them onto the fish. Sear a couple minutes per side. I use two spatulas because it’s very delicate. The crust is a little sticky, so place directly onto a plate sans paper towels.


1. Prepare a large serving board. Slice tuna against the grain and fan out the slices on the board. Place the turbot and salmon opposite.
2. Nestle arugula and microherbs all around the fish, creating a bed of greens. Arrange lemon and lime wedges around the fish. You can also add halved cherry tomatoes and radishes.
3. Drizzle a little sesame oil over the tuna. Sprinkle Maldon salt over the turbot and the salmon.