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Shortcut Shawarma


This shortcut shawarma supper is my twist on the burger tortilla trend. It takes only minutes to cook, and you have a delicious supper your whole family will love.


1. Mix together the ground chicken with shawarma spice. It should be evenly distributed.
2. Take about a half cup of the chicken mixture and spread it thinly and evenly onto the tortilla. If you need more, you can add a little more of the mixture so the whole tortilla is coated. Continue with the rest. Stack them on top of each other and set aside.
3. Preheat a frying pan with a bit of oil or oil spray. Place the tortilla into the pan, chicken side down. Cook on medium heat for about one to two minutes or until it no longer sticks to the pan. Then flip the tortilla over and allow to cook on the other side until slightly browned. Watch it, as it’ll cook quickly.
4. Continue with the remaining tortillas. If the pan is non-stick, you won’t have to spray or oil the pan again between tortillas.
5. Once done, place the tortilla into a large square of parchment paper. Add all the fillings you like to the middle of the tortilla.
6. Fold in the bottom half, followed by both sides. Then wrap the parchment paper around the tortilla, being sure to twist the bottom part to securely close.