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Shoyu Chicken and Green Bean Fry


Our favorite Hawaiian Shoyu Chicken gets a weeknight dinner upgrade with this easy one-pan stir fry! Crispy chicken and green beans are tossed in the perfect ginger-soy sauce and ready in under 20 minutes.


1. Heat up a frying pan, add two teaspoons sesame oil.
2. Add cubed chicken to the pan in a single layer. Let it cook on one side for about three minutes,or until golden. Flip and break up the pieces. Cook second side until golden and slightly crispy.
3. While the chicken is cooking place a smaller pan or pot over medium heat. Add all the sauce ingredients, and chili flakes only if you want a spicy dish! Bring it to a boil and let cook for two minutes. Remove from the flame and set aside.
4. When the chicken is golden on both sides and almost finished, add the sesame seeds and cook for another minute.
5. Pour in the sauce and add the green beans. Toss to combine and cook for one more minute. You want the green beans to retain their colour and crunch so they only need a flash fry! Serve hot over white rice.