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Some Like it Hot Smoked Salmon Salad


It was one of those days when a quiet Shabbos lunch for four turned into a lebedike Shabbos lunch for 14. In a flash, we created this salad which has now become a family favourite! During the nine days it makes a wonderful light lunch salad.



Blanche asparagus (cover in boiling water and allow to stand for about 30 seconds, then place straight into cold water).


Place asparagus, onions, flat-leaf parsley/cilantro, schug (start with one tablespoon and check for taste), and capers into a bowl.


Add salad dressing, mix well, add ground black pepper and just before serving, add smoked salmon. Give it a good stir.


Serve immediately.


When cool enough to handle, slice asparagus into one-inch pieces.


To clean green asparagus from insects, the tips as well as the triangular side leaves should be cut off and discarded.