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Sorbet Lollypops Dipped on a Stick

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One day as I was expecting guests for dinner. and everything was basically done. I realized that I hadn’t prepared anything for dessert. As I was limited with time I was looking to come up with something quick, easy, presentable, and something that wouldn’t involve much effort, and most of all wouldn’t turn my kitchen into a mess(I was pretty much drained from cooking up a storm that day.so it was either I come up with something easy, and still delicious. Or I would just skip the dessert). So I came up with this recipe, and guess what! The results were mouthwatering! And out of this world!! And has become my family’s best dessert ever! (They looked so awesome that my guests totally thought we ordered them!! But they were in awe when I told them it was made in my own kitchen, using minimal ingredients!)



Empty the sorbet into the molds. If the sorbet is still hard, wait a few minutes to defrost it.


Place the lollipop sticks into the sorbet, making sure it’s pretty much in the center.(if the sorbet has already defrosted that the sticks won’t stay in place. Then place the molds into the freezer for a few min. Until they’re more firm. And then pop the sticks into the sorbet.


Put the molds into the freezer until they are frozen.


In the meantime you could start preparing your toppings. And start melting the chocolate. (Tip: make sure you take out the molds only once you’re ready with all the toppings. Cuz you don’t want to have defrosted sorbet. Plus it’s easier to work with when it’s still frozen.)


Now comes the fun part! Pop your molds out one at a time. (If you want them to come out perfect, then work on a few sticks at a time. While the rest are back in the freezer (cuz they tend to defrost pretty quickly), start by dipping the lollipops into the melted chocolate. And then into the toppings.  Line a 9×13 with parchment paper and spread the sticks onto it, pop them back into the freezer. Until ready to serve! Enjoy!