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Strawberry Cream Donut Cones

Parve Parve
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I’m a big donut person, just not a big jelly donut person—a reality that’s plagued me through my years of Chanukah parties and December school treats. Who doesn’t love sugary fried dough? I just don’t love the squirt of jam that you get when you bite into them. I’d much prefer a generous helping of whipped cream. And while, sure, you could stuff a donut with some whipped cream, why not increase your cream to donut ratio by making the donuts cone-shaped? 


You can use any basic yeast dough like this one or any challah or pizza dough recipe. I used dehydrated strawberries pulsed into fine powder mixed with whipped cream to get this delicious, fluffy and creamy strawberry wonder for the filling. Check out the full article here.


Prepare the Cones


After your dough had risen once, take a segment and roll it out into a long snake. 


Wrap the dough around a metal cream horn mold, slightly overlapping the dough while winding it from the bottom to the top. Place the donut cones standing up on a lined baking sheet, and then let them sit for a second rise. At this point you can freeze them.


Bring a pot of oil to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. When the oil reaches the right temperature, carefully drop one of the donut cones in and fry for about two to three minutes, rotating them. Once they are golden brown, lift them out of the oil, careful to let the oil inside the cone drain out over the pot before moving them to a drying rack or paper towels. When they are cool enough to touch, gently grasp the bottom of the mold and release it from your donut cone.


Use an oil thermometer, it really makes the difference when you’re frying. 


You can freeze them raw on the baking sheet, and then once frozen, keep them in a zip top bag. Then, when you’re ready to fry, defrost them standing up until they are fully defrosted).

Make the Filling


Whip a pint of whipping cream until it reaches stiff peaks, adding about four tablespoons of sugar while it’s still in the liquid phase.


Pulse the dehydrated strawberries in a small food processor (you can also crush them by hand in a zip-top bag) until they are a fine powder. Pour about four tablespoons of the strawberry powder into the whip while whipping until it’s lightly pink and flavored. 


Fill the cream into a piping bag with a star piping tip, and pipe it into the cones. Dust with powdered sugar for some extra sweetness.


Add more strawberry if you want it more flavored.


This whipped cream can also be used to fill round donuts. Simply put the piping nozzle into the donut and squeeze until cream starts coming out. Or for an even easier version, cut them in half and make whipped cream sandwiches!