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That Crunchy Salad That Goes with Anything


As you may know by now, watermelon radishes are a staple in my fridge just as cucumbers are in many others. I love this salad because it includes vegetables that are all peeled, making it a perfect first course if your minhag is to peel all your produce.


Prepare the Salad and Dressing

1. Slice all vegetables into matchsticks. Top with almonds, and parsley if desired.
2. Prepare dressing and mix to combine.


Peeling the celery gets rid of the stringy layer on the outside of the stalk.


If you don’t use maple syrup, you can use another sweetener of your choice.

You can omit the almonds.

You can omit the parsley if you don’t use herbs on Pesach.


Photography by Hudi Greenberger
Styling by Renee Muller