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The Best and Easiest Shnitzel


Submitted by Stephd97 Who doesn’t love schnitzel? Who doesn’t love quick and easy? This recipe is a combination of both, and as a bonus, it’s delicious! Omit the frying, save time, and calories! Enjoy!


Prepare the Shnitzel

1. Get three plastic bags and one 9×13 tin.
2. Pour a lot of Italian dressing in a plastic bag, add the chicken cutlets in, mix and make sure all of the chicken has Italian dressing on it!
3. Then pour pnako crumbs into another plastic bag. Make sure all of the chicken cutlets are fully coated! Then get your 9×13 tin and line up all the coated chicken cutlets. Pour a lot of Italian dressing on top, then cook in the oven!
4. Enjoy 🙂


Photography by Tamara Friedman