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The Perfect Potato Knish


These knishes are smooth inside, crispy on the outside, and so delicious!


For the Knishes

1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Peel the potatoes and place them in a pot with cold water and one tablespoon of chicken consomme. Season with salt.
3. On a high flame, bring to a rolling boil. Then lower the flame and allow it to cook till the potatoes are soft (about 40 minutes).
4. Meanwhile heat up one tablespoon of oil and saute the onion until it is golden.
5. Once the potatoes are ready, mash them until smooth. Quickly add in the margarine so it can melt, since the potatoes are hot.
6. Add the rest of the oil, rest of the chicken consomme, salt, pepper and sauteed onions. Mix well until everything is combined.
7. Place one tablespoon of mashed potatoes in the center of each pastry dough square. Fold over each square and close each side with a fork.
8. Brush with beaten egg. Sprinkle with everything spice. Bake for about 35 minutes or until golden.

For the Mushroom Sauce (Optional)

1. Saute the onion in oil until golden.
2. Add in the rest of the ingredients. Let it simmer until it thickens (add more flour if the sauce is not getting thick).
3. Serve over warm potato knishes. Enjoy!