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Vegan Egg Salad


Submitted by Cydnie Minor


A lot of people like egg salad and it is a favorite at the deli. But, it is not good to eat eggs too often because that would not be healthy. So, my goal was to create an egg salad recipe that does not use eggs at all and could therefore be eaten at any time (without raising the cholesterol!) 


This recipe was created one day when I was experimenting in my kitchen. My family loved it so much and it has become a favorite and a perfect go-to recipe because it is easy to make. If you make it on Friday, the salad also will keep well for Sabbath and tastes delicious on rye bread!



Crumble the tofu into a medium bowl. Add the chopped celery and onion. In another bowl, stir together all of the other ingredients. Pour the dressing over the tofu, and mix very well. Serve cold garnished with parsley.