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Vegan Potato Latkes


This vegan latke recipe is lower in carbs than the usual fare, and Rorie swaps out egg for some Sabra Classic Hummus- and the results are unbelievable. Watch Living Full ‘n Free for more healthy family cooking with Rorie!

Yields about 15 latkes, depending on size.


Prepare the Latkes


Grate the potatoes and squash on a fine grater or in your food processor. (You can alternate between a finer and larger grate to get a more varied texture.)


In a large bowl combine the potatoes and squash.


Add chummus, salt, pepper and grain free mix. Mix well until fully combined.


In a large frying pan on a medium flame, heat the oil until super hot. Gently scoop the latkes into the pan leaving about an inch of space between each one. Fry on a medium to low flame.



Health tips

-Yukon gold potatoes are lower glycemic than white potatoes.
-Adding yellow squash lowers overall carb load adds moisture and no one will notice there are veggies hiding in there!
-Hummus is a great substitute for eggs in this recipe plus adds a subtle twist on the taste.
-Using Rories grain free mix in place of wheat flour adds more protein and fiber and is a low carb flour option.
-Avocado oil and coconut oil have higher smoke point than olive oil. Choose one of them as your healthy fat for frying instead of refined oils!


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