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Vegetable Alfredo Lite


The combination of roasted sweet potatoes paired with fettuccine and cheese sauce is deliciously reminiscent of a divine sweet potato ravioli dish I once sampled in a restaurant in Jerusalem. An added bonus is the absence of heavy cream – an ingredient too calorie ridden for my taste! B’tayavon!


For the Vegetables

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius).
2. On a lined baking sheet, combine vegetables, oil and spices, tossing well until evenly coated.
3. Roast for 35-45 minutes, checking to see that the vegetables are soft, yet do not burn. Remove from oven and set aside while preparing sauce.

For the Sauce

1. In a medium saucepan, brown flour in oil until golden, stirring frequently. (Watch carefully – this burns easily.)
2. Add mushroom soup mix, stirring well to combine, then add remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil; lower heat and stir until cheese is melted and sauce is smooth.


1. In a large pot or baking pan, combine roasted vegetables, fettuccine, and cheese sauce. Stir until evenly coated. Season with additional salt and pepper, to taste.
2. If sauce is too thick, add a little bit of boiling water, stirring, until desired consistency is achieved.


Photography: Moshe Wulliger.

Styling: Renee Muller.