Fried Beef Nuggets with Jalapeño Jam

Chef Gabe is joined by Robert Zauderer, one of the key people behind the scenes of Under the Hood, Skill'it, and Tierra Sur. This special dish is a perfect appetizer or main for a holiday meal. These Mexican beef nuggets are cooked and then fried until perfection, with a perfect balance of subtle spice. 

Get the recipe:
 7 pounds beef shoulder, cubed
 1 large onion
 15 cloves garlic
 1/2 cup ancho paste
 1/2 cup guajillo paste
 3 tablespoons Gefen Ground Cumin
 3 tablespoons ground coriander
 zest of 1 orange
 few sprigs of oregano
 3 cups beer
 2 tablespoons salt
 6 eggs
 agar flakes or powder (see instructions below)
 pepper, to taste
 Gefen Panko

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