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About Kosher.com

The premier site for Kosher cooking and conversation

Kosher.com is the place to go for all things kosher food. We have top-quality kosher recipes by your favorite chefs, interesting articles and helpful cooking tips, addictively delicious and entertaining cooking videos, and everything you’ll need to make unforgettable meals.

Kosher.com is geared for everyone: from the newest cook still trying to figure out how to make a boiled egg, all the way up to the gourmet chef looking for new and creative ideas to impress important guests.

Kosher.com has thousands of recipes, hundreds of original videos that will teach you techniques to take your cooking to the next level, advice about wine pairings to elevate your meals, articles about the latest cooking trends, interviews with top restaurant chefs, and so much more.

If you try a recipe, review it and tell us how it came out so you can help our other readers. If you run into trouble when your dough doesn’t rise or your soup is too salty, just ask for help and our expert chefs and helpful community will offer you advice.

Contact us if you have any questions, or if you are interested in contributing your own recipes and becoming one of our Community Chef recipe contributors!

Meet Our Chefs


Hi! I'm Rorie, the founder of Full 'n Free, recipe developer, health coach, and creator of Rorie’s unique dough mixes. At Full 'n Free, my work with clients is always an educational process, very different than the “diet” mentality. I teach clients how the body reacts to specific ingredients, and how to tune in to the body’s messages. These skills allow people to become independent eaters who make educated and goal-oriented choices.

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Esty Wolbe is a busy mom with busy moms as her focus. Her recipes are simple to follow and please the pickiest of eaters, all with a dash of humor and wit. She is the creative and comical leader of the 48k member strong Facebook group "I Don't Cook But I Give Out Recipes" where people from across the world gather to share and exchange recipes and ideas. Her blog Cookingwithtantrums.com offers a clever dose of reality alongside beautiful photos and delicious recipes that are sure to become instant family favorites. She is the host of the Kosher.com show Easy Does It, where she demonstrates how simple it can be to create delightful, mouthwatering dishes. She has been featured in several publications and has become a well known name in the world of kosher cooks.

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As cooking has always been her passion, in 2004, Naomi started her own kosher personal chef business, The Aussie Gourmet, to pursue catering weekly and Shabbat/Yom Tov meals for families and individuals within the Five Towns and neighboring communities and beyond — including Alaska and Israel. Naomi is often sought after to give cooking demonstrations and produce kosher Chopped competitions throughout the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan as well as across the country, where she shares her immense enthusiasm for food. Naomi also hosts her own weekly show, “Table for Two with Naomi Nachman” on The Nachum Segal Network – which covers all food-related topics. In addition, Naomi writes a monthly column for the Mishpacha magazine covering food trends, and is also a contributing editor to The Jewish Home newspaper distributed in Long Island, Baltimore and California writing weekly articles and recipes. Naomi currently lives with her husband and children in Woodmere, NY.

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Rena blogs about eating well and living well at nowaythatshealthy.com. Click below to connect!

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"Combine fast food with PURE culinary genius!" Yussi is the founder of Snaps Kosher in Lakewood, NJ. "We are what happens when you hire today’s top culinary talent to reinvent the burger... and then apply that awesome level of artistry to everything else you serve.We insist on the same outstanding, quality ingredients and attention to detail that you enjoy at your favorite high-end eatery. And we serve all this up in an unpretentious, affordable venue. How can we do that? Simple. Our straightforward menu allows us to invest more on our ingredients. We bake our own bread, grind our own USDA prime cuts of meat & produce our signature sauces in house. A simply delectable menu, hand selected ingredients, food prepared with a passion for culinary excellence. That’s Snaps’."

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About Our Recipes

Where do our recipes come from?

We source our recipes from cookbooks, magazines, bloggers, and community recipe collections. We also have our own exclusive recipes that you can only find on kosher.com!

We have hundreds of chefs and over 5000 recipes on Kosher.com

Top Chefs are chefs who have published their recipes in cooking magazines or have their own cookbooks.

Community Chefs are rising talent that we've identified with a unique voice and style to contribute, including food bloggers and instagrammers. If you would like to apply to be a kosher.com chef, we welcome your application! Instructions on how to apply are here.

Our Team

Who we are

Here are the masterminds behind the magic that make kosher.com the successful food fest that it is.

Leah Gottheim

VP. Before launching kosher.com, Leah worked in marketing and journalism and has a background in business consulting. She is a graduate of Barnard College, where she studied history, but you’re more likely to find her studying the differences between stock and bone broth these days (they’re the same, for the record). Either way, she’s going to be having hers with some whole wheat matzo balls. Her favorite recipes are the ones that are super quick and easy to make with simple, healthy ingredients- and sometimes also cookies.

Favorite dish: cheesy quinoa
Favorite kitchen gadget: childproofing locks for kitchen cabinets so her pots and pans won’t end up being used as toys
Food inspiration: Her mother, who never measures

Chanie Nayman

Editor in Chief. In addition to overseeing all the exclusive and curated material for kosher.com, Chanie is the editor of Mishpacha Magazine’s food magazine, Family Table. She’s always on the hunt for the latest and greatest in food trends and innovations, and loves combining bold new flavor profiles with classic techniques and silhouettes, as long as none of them include fish.

Favorite dish: perfectly cooked steak
Favorite kitchen gadget: food scale
Food inspiration: America’s Test Kitchen

Michal Frischman

Development and Consulting. Besides being overtly pedantic about food and food writing, Michal is the Director of Marketing for Mishpacha Magazine. She develops recipes, shows and article concepts for kosher.com, and has a great time doing it! Michal has a Bachelor’s in Health and Nutrition Sciences which she was sure she was never going to use, but turned out to be rather handy, after all.

Favorite dish: crispy pan seared salmon
Favorite kitchen gadget: cast iron pan
Food inspiration: Alton brown

Renee Schwartz

Content Manager. Renee is living proof that an English degree can lead to a career. When she’s not editing books and articles from the comfort of her home in RBS, Israel, Renee dots the Is and crosses the Ts behind the scenes of Kosher.com’s recipe bank to make our stellar kosher content available for you to enjoy. She grew up vegetarian, but now is a carnivore and enjoys learning to cook meat recipes for her family.

Favorite dish: Mac ’n’ cheese
Favorite kitchen gadget: A good cutting board and knife
Food inspiration: Her almost-Moroccan aunts

Raquel Cohen Malul

Social Media and Marketing Assistant. Raquel came to us with food blogger marketing experience on May I Have That Recipe, unreal food styling skills, design and video talents, and a general creative flair. Raquel draws on her family’s diverse culinary influences (Spanish/Lebanese/Israeli/American) for a unique perspective on what any dish can be! Raquel is also the secret weapon behind our popular email newsletters.

Rachel Kor

Managing Lifestyle Editor. achel started out as one of our very own Community Chefs, but with her creativity and passion for lifestyle, cooking, and entertaining on her personal website, she very quickly became a very welcomed addition to the Kosher.com team. Her favorite recipes are those that are simple, but with a beautiful and impressive presentation.

Favorite dish: Sushi!
Favorite kitchen gadget: Food processor (for all the Shabbat dips)
Food inspiration: The Barefoot Contessa

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