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11 Backyard Games & Toys That (Almost) Feel Like Summer Camp

11 Backyard Games & Toys That (Almost) Feel Like Summer Camp

By: Elisheva Blumberg, Lubicom Marketing Staff


What are your kids’ summer plans?


This used to be a simply answered question — but now it’s fraught with uncertainties. Will there be summer camp? Day camp? Sleepaway camp? Zoom camp?


With the Covid-19 situation changing by the day, many of these questions remain unanswered. In the meantime, the greatest question still begs an answer: how can I keep my kids busy when camp is not an option?


With many children staying at home for the summer, now is a perfect time to invest in toys and games that will keep them occupied and enjoying the great outdoors.


With that in mind, we present 11 backyard games and toys for any age and any budget!


Here’s to an active, sun-soaked, and fun-filled summer.


11 Backyard Games & Toys for Epic At-Home Fun


1. Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat



What it is: A kiddie pool/sprinkler hybrid, this splash mat brings the excitement of the sprinkler park to your own backyard. Simply attach it to a water hose and let the fun begin!

Who it’s for: Ages 1–6 (adult supervision required)

Price: $31.99


2. Rollors Backyard Game



What it is: A portable lawn game touted as a combination of horseshoes, bocce ball, and bowling. With rules you can adjust for the younger ones, Rollors is an outdoor game that the entire family can enjoy together.

Who it’s for: Ages 5+

Price: $49.95


3. Kid-Friendly Archery Set



What it is: An archery set designed with kids in mind. The bow has a cushioned foam grip and the arrow head tip is soft, making this set a safer choice for aspiring archers.

Who it’s for: Ages 6+ (adult supervision required)

Price: $30


4. Stomp Rocket



What it is: A surprisingly simple rocket toy that kids adore. With a launcher and 4 rockets, kids can channel all their energy into stomping these foam-tipped, high-flying toys so they soar up to 200 feet into the air!

Who it’s for: Ages 5+

Price: $17.99


5. Magic Doodle Mat



What it is: This reusable, mess-free “coloring” mat makes use of water-filled pens, stamps, and stencils (all included) to make temporary artwork. This mat will definitely keep little hands busy for long stretches.

Who it’s for: Ages 1–6

Price: $22.99


6. Trampoline Sprinkler



What it is: Summer heat making your kids avoid the trampoline? This sprinkler, made especially for trampolines, will save the day! The sprays of water bring down the temperature on the trampoline by up to 25 degrees — and add loads of fun to the trampoline experience — giving your kids hours of refreshing water-filled jump time.

Who it’s for: Ages 8+ (adult supervision required)

Price: $42.99


7. Spikeball



What it is: With rules similar to volleyball, Spikeball is a fun, competitive, and action-packed game that older kids and adults can spend hours playing. Spikeball is designed for 4 players, but with variations, it can be played with 2 or 6 players.

Who it’s for: Ages 8+

Price: $59.99


8. Flybar Toddler Pogo Stick



What it is: If your little one is pining for a pogo stick, they’ll love this toddler Flybar. The foam pogo jumper stick makes it possible for kids as young as 3 to enjoy pogo jumping, while working on their motor skills and balance.

Who it’s for: Ages 3–6

Price: $16.99


9. Pop-up Ball Pit + Plastic Balls (pack of 200)



What it is: An adorable space for your little ones, this pop-up ball pit is made of a soft, waterproof fabric, and comes with an attached basketball hoop. Add your own baby slide so they can climb out and slide back in themselves. 

Who it’s for: Ages 6 months – 4 years

Price: Pop-up ball pit = $18.99  

          Soft plastic balls = $27.79


10. Bocce Ball Set



What it is: The classic game of bocce ball is an awesome backyard or park activity. This high-quality professional set, complete with nylon carrying case, will hold up through countless exciting bocce ball tournaments throughout the summer — and for years to come.

Who it’s for: Ages 5+

Price: $99.99


11. Giant Wooden Toppling Tower



What it is: This giant wooden toppling tower is just like the game of Jenga — only it’s life-size! During play, the premium pine wood blocks can grow to a tower over five feet tall, making this a thrilling activity for older children and adults.

Who it’s for: Ages 8+ (adult supervision required)

Price: $63.84



With any of these amazing toys and games, your kids will have plenty of outdoor activities that are sporty, adventurous, and fun. Forget summer camp…your own backyard has never been more exciting!