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20 No-Cook Snacks To Bring On Your Next Picnic

20 No-Cook Snacks To Bring On Your Next Picnic

There are so many special ways of honoring Lag B’omer, but with the weather getting nicer each day, having an easy, no-fuss picnic is certainly a perfect way to celebrate!


To make it even more enjoyable, we’re taking all the work out of your typical picnic prep and sharing snack ideas that require no cooking at all! Just grab your favorite tote bag, pack some of your favorite snack combos, and hit the road!


What are some of your favorite grab n’ go picnic foods?


  1. Quinoa bowls


  2. Pickles + salami slices

  3. Cucumber slices + tuna salad


  4. Grape tomatoes + cheese

  5. Veggie sticks + dressing

  6. Yogurt + granola in a jar

  7. Pretzels + chocolate hazelnut spread

  8. Pita chips + hummus

  9. Grapes + cubes of cheese

  10. Cheese + crackers

  11. Celery + peanut butter

  12. Chips + salsa

  13. Rolled up deli meat + cherry tomatoes

  14. Apple slices + almond butter

  15. Banana slices + walnuts


  16. Nuts + dried fruit

  17. Fresh fruit + cottage cheese

  18. Whole wheat bread + guacamole

  19. Watermelon + feta cheese

  20. Rice Cakes + Savory toppings


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