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Turkey Rollup


It is essential that people with metabolic and blood sugar issues not skip meals. Sitting down to a balanced meal 3–4 times a day is ideal but like everyone sometimes we need something on the go. Finding meals that are quick and easy and hit the spot is challenging when most standard snack foods are not the best fit. This turkey rollup really fits the bill for a snack or meal idea that’s quick, easy, portable, and filling. It has protein, fat, fiber, and minimal carbs all rolled into one. The best part is you can enjoy it on the go. It doesn’t need mixing, heating, or even a fork!   Serves 1 as a snack or mini-meal, the amount of food and combination of macros is very individual.


Prepare the Turkey Rollup

1. Lay four slices of turkey on a cutting board or counter. Mix the mustard and mayo and spread a thin layer on each piece of turkey.
2. Slice the avocado in four thin slices and place one slice in the center of each piece of turkey.
3. Sprinkle a little cabbage and carrots on each piece of turkey, then top with greens. Slice the tomatoes and place three circles on top of the greens.
4. Fold one side of the turkey over the veggies and tuck it in tight, then fold the other side over. Secure with a toothpick if you aren’t eating it right away. You can also place the four rolls on a piece of foil and wrap them close together to keep them from opening.


Photography by Chavi Feldman