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26 Gifts For Every Type Of Mom!

Dena Gershkovich April 22, 2021

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She’s your best friend, workout buddy, go-to girl for advice, favorite chef, and all-around role model – and Mother’s Day is coming up, which means there’s an excuse to celebrate her. I’ve scoured the internet (and solicited advice from my super cool teenage sister) for gifts that all kinds of moms will love! Check out the list below for unique shoppable Mother’s Day gifts, and let us know if you purchase something for your mom from this selection!

For the Wine-Loving Mom

If your mom could go for rosé any day, we recommend giving her a kosher wine subscription this Mother’s Day. If you do end up going with this gift, your mom is likely going to need a place to store all of those bottles – which is where this trendy wall-mounted wine rack will come in handy!

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For the Foodie Mom

Does your mom enjoy anything and everything related to food? If this sounds like your mom, we highly recommend this Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit, which will allow your foodie mom to grow her own mushrooms indoors on an organic mushroom growing log. It only takes six weeks for the mushrooms to grow, and the log can last up to three years.

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For the Athletic Mom

If your mom is itching to get back to the gym, give her the equipment she would find in a gym this Mother’s Day. We think that a portable barre with a bender ball and colorful dumbbells would make for an awesome Mother’s Day gift!

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For the Organized Mom

Does your mom write everything down and have a place for everything? Help her get even more organized with a hanging magazine rack, linen drawer organizers or an Erin Condren planner this Mother’s Day!

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For the Earth-Loving Mom

If your mom loves the Earth as much (or almost as much…) as she loves you, we suggest looking into a subscription through Mightynest. Specifically, the MightyFIX subscription sends subscribers one new “green” item each month for just $11 monthly. This can help your mom discover new Earth-friendly products that she loves!

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For the Work-From-Home Mom

If your mom is looking to elevate her home office, help her do so this Mother’s Day! This home office kit will help your mom get all those papers and gadgets organized, and this lap desk – which has a slot for a cell phone, a built-in mousepad and a built-in wrist pad – will make Zooming from bed much more comfortable. Also, if your mom is into multitasking, she may enjoy working from this desk, which is equipped with bike pedals, so that she can work her mind and body simultaneously.

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For the Coffee-Loving Mom

Is your mom serious about her coffee? Help her nurture her passion for java with all the right accessories, including a coffee grinder, espresso machine, and milk frother. See below for our favorite picks!

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For the Ultimate Shabbat Ima

The ultimate Shabbat Ima deserves all the right gear. Get your mom a personalized colorful challah cover and apron to show your appreciation for all of the Shabbat meals she’s prepared for the family!

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For the Makeup-Loving Mom

Calling all beauty queens! Gift your mom a six-month Birchbox subscription, and she will receive a box filled with makeup samples that match her Beauty Profile.

Another glamorous option is to purchase an Ipsy subscription for $12 per month. Your mom can take a beauty quiz on the Ipsy website and receive fun items to match her coloring.

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For the Plant Mom

Is your mom the ultimate Plant Mom? Help her grow her plant collection with a subscription to The Sill. For $60 per month, your mom will receive an easy-care plant in a chic ceramic planter delivered to her doorstep monthly.

If your mom already has all the plants out there, then you may have to get her something more unique. Check out @gro.livingart by Aviva Rosen for creative succulent and cacti arrangements. Arrangements range in price from $85 to $210. If you use the code KosherMom when purchasing, you’ll receive a 10% discount due to being a Kosher.com reader! Thanks, Aviva!

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  • Contact Aviva Rosen via email, or send an Instagram message to @gro.livingart if you’re interested in purchasing a creative arrangement.


For the Homebody Mom

If your mom loves curling up with a good book (or some good Netflix…) then you’re in the right section. A Snuggie Sherpa will help her stay cozy, while this pillow with cup holders will make sure her tea doesn’t spill.

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For the Mindful/Zen Mom

Welcome to the section for moms who manage to always keep their cool somehow – no matter how crazy things get! If your Mindful Mom doesn’t already have an aromatherapy diffuser and essential oil set, we highly recommend that you change that this Mother’s Day. The diffuser shown below allows users to create 14 different light combinations, so your mom will be able to create an ambiance that is just right.

We also love these daily affirmation candles from Anthropologie. The gift set includes a candle for every day of the week with an affirmation inscribed on it. What a great way to help your mom keep up her Zen!

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For the All-Around Mom

Is it hard to limit your mom to just one of the above categories? We hear you, and so does Boxfox, a site that allows you to select individual items, which are then packaged into a pretty gift box. The gift items are color-coded so that you can be sure you’re sending your mom her favorite colors!

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We hope these gifts help you celebrate your mom and other motherly figures in your life! Happy Mother’s Day!