3 Creative and Fun Mishloach Manot for Kids!

Rachel Kor February 26, 2020

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Are you scratching your head about what mishloach manot your kids can give to their friends this year? Then you’ve come to the right place!


I’ve created 3 mishloach manot ideas for kids of all ages. Each idea is easy, fun, and if I’m being completely honest, were a pleasure to put together. What I also love about these is that each one is age appropriate for receiving and assembling, so your child can be involved as little or as much as he/she would like.


Customizable Gable and Take Out Boxes

Ages 2-5


How adorable are these? The great thing about these is that they can go with any theme! Is your son dressing up as a fireman? Decorate his boxes with fireman stickers. Does your daughter want to be a ballerina? Attach stickers or glue on pink tulle around the bottom perimeter to resemble a tutu. Then simply fill each box with whatever goodies you choose.



You will need:

  • Stickers, ribbon, and other craft materials of your choice



Popcorn Ice Cream Cones

Ages 6-10


These were probably the most fun for me to create. A helpful tip is to place your cone into your cellophane bag and then place it up right into a Mason jar or tall cup while you fill­–it’s that easy!



If your cone doesn’t reach the bottom of the cellophane bag, simply fold the excess plastic in the back and tape down.


You will need:

  • Popcorn
  • Colorful candy of your choice (these are a must!)
  • Invisible tape
  • Mason jar or tall cup



Sophisticated Cotton Candy Box

Ages 11+


These are so sophisticated and modern…I would give these to my friends!


Feel free to change these up to your liking. Go with different color or flavor themes or use smaller boxes. Use your imagination and adjust to your liking and budget.



You will need:

  • White box (10″x10″x2″ h)
  • Blue and pink candy of your choice (I used these)
  • Blue and pink cotton candy
  • Homemade hamantaschen (decorated with colorful melted chocolate and cotton candy)


As always, let these 3 mishloach manot ideas be a springboard for your imagination. Use different colors, products, and most importantly, have fun with your kids while creating these!