6 Ways to Make Your House Smell Like Autumn

Elisheva Blumberg November 11, 2019

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By Elisheva Blumberg, Lubicom Marketing Staff



It’s no secret that scent has a huge impact on how people perceive a space.


That’s why home sellers are advised to bake cookies when a potential buyer comes over.


And why upscale hotels around the world diffuse signature fragrances into the space through air conditioning vents(!)


While we love all scents, there is something exceptionally beautiful about fall aromatics. Whether earthy (woods and pine), warm (vanilla and fireplace), spicy (cinnamon and clove), or fruity (like orange or cranberry) — there is sure to be a fall-inspired scent you’ll love enough to introduce into your home.


These 6 simple tricks will perfume your home with notes of the cool and crisp autumn season.


1. Brew up some apple cider 



Having company over? Keep a big pot of apple cider simmering on the stovetop.


The comforting spices and the aroma of apple will waft through your home, creating both an unmistakable autumn scent AND a delicious drink. What could be better?


You can craft your own recipe using apple juice as a base, and adding ingredients such as cinnamon sticks, allspice berries, whole cloves, star anise pods, lemon peel, orange slices, or fresh cranberries. For a hard cider, you can splash in some sparkling wine, whiskey, or rum.


For inspiration, check out these easy cider recipes: Estee Kafra’s Spicy Cider and Faigy Grossman’s Apple Cider


2. Diffuse fall-scented oils



Essential oils and fragrance oils are the perfect way to infuse your home with scent. All you’ll need is a diffuser (there are diffusers powered by electricity as well as diffusers powered by flame) and the oil of your choice.


Essential oils are all-natural and provide aromatherapeutic benefits that may help you relax or improve your focus. There are essential oil blends out there in unique fall scents, like Pumpkin Pie, Harvest Moon, and Maple Leaf.


Another option is fragrance oil, which is cheaper than essential oil and comes in a wider variety of scents, like this Holiday Desserts Fragrance Oil Set. (Bear in mind that fragrance oils, unlike essential oils, are not natural.)


3. Set out cinnamon pinecones



A kind of make-your-own potpourri, cinnamon-scented pinecones are a decorative touch that will imbue your home with a lovely scent. Just place the pinecones in pretty baskets or bowls in areas throughout your home.


To make this potpourri, you’ll need pinecones, cinnamon essential oil, and any fragrant additions of your choice (like cinnamon sticks, dried lemon peel, or whole nutmeg). 


Here’s how to make cinnamon pinecones.


4. Make a DIY scouring powder



An all-natural scouring powder will clean your home without synthetic chemicals. Add some fall-inspired scent and you’ll find yourself excited when cleanup time comes around.


All you need is baking soda, ground cinnamon, and loosely ground cloves. (This recipe is so safe that it’s even edible!)


Here’s how to make all-natural scouring powder with clove and cinnamon (+ instructions for 2 other scents!)


5. Make a slow cooker potpourri



Simmering spices on your stovetop is a no-fail way to perfume your home. But that means you have to keep a close watch on a flame. 


Looking for a better way to create a constant flow of fragrance in your home? Create a crockpot potpourri.


Gather up your favorite naturally scented ingredients and fill up your crockpot with the blend + some water. Set your crockpot to its lowest setting. You’re done!


Here are some autumn ingredients to get your started creating your own blend:

• Orange peel
• Lemon peel
• Cinnamon sticks
• Whole cloves
• Whole ginger
• Star anise
• Vanilla extract
• Almond extract
• Pine needles
• Fresh mint
• Fresh ginger


6. Create a coffee bean candle



When it comes to fall-scented candles, the options are endlessly creative. (Mulled Cider, anyone? Or how about Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow?)


While store-bought candles are the easiest option, we found a fun DIY way to dress up simple tea lights. The trick? Use coffee beans!


For a coffee-shop vibe in your home, all you need are some glass jars, whole coffee beans, and tea lights (you can up the ante on this project by using vanilla-scented tea lights).


As a bonus, these coffee bean candles would make standout table centerpieces for a dairy brunch or sheva brachot party.                                                                                             


Here’s how to make coffee bean candles




We bet you can’t wait to infuse your home with inviting autumn scents. Oh, and don’t forget the cheapest and easiest way to invite the fragrance of fall into your house — just open some windows and enjoy the scent of the season, straight from nature!