Rosh Hashanah

7 Beautiful Challah Covers for Rosh Hashanah

Kosher.com Staff September 15, 2022

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We knew we wanted to share a challah cover shoppable with you this season, but we had no clue how hard it would be to find a number of unique options.


We found that most covers out there are mostly either leather, modern, over embroidered, or well, overdone.


Our picks below showcase a more understated vibe, consisting of designs you may not have seen before.


There is a variety of different price points to meet all budgets. If you’re looking to buy a new challah cover for yourself or as a gift, these picks are great options!


1. Pomegranate Print


We love this challah cover because it brings the perfect amount of “pomegranate” pink to the table. It’s modern and fun if you’re looking for something that they don’t sell in stores.



2. Embroidered Hamsa


Most challah covers out there today are more on the fancy side with either leather, heavy embroidery, or sequins. We love how understated this is. If you’re planning on setting a Rosh Hashanah table that is more minimalistic and subdued, then this would be a great option.



3. Watercolor


The colors, the watercolor details, the material. This just works and would make an amazing and thoughtful gift to take to your host’s home this Yom Tov season.



4. Burlap Style


Waterdale does it again with this burlap challah cover. It’s such a nice change from all the other covers out there that we just had to include it here. The burlap adds a rustic and natural vibe that we’re always looking for. Plus, the color will match to almost anything! Your challahs will love sitting under this!



5. Floral Laser Cut


For all of the folks out there waiting for a more modern challah cover to appear, here it is! We like this one because it’s leather and masculine, but feminine as well from the floral design. It comes in three beautiful colors, but the striking look of the black had us at hello!



6. Green Pomegranates


There’s just something about this color that keeps luring us in. (See the hamsa design above, and the “pictorial” design here.) This light and airy cover is modern and can be ordered with a matching table runner.



7. Pom Pops


Although this challah cover has to be special ordered online through Instagram, we couldn’t resist including it here. It’s something we haven’t seen before, and is super stylish! Take a look at the Instagram feed for more beautiful options!