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7 Fun Swimming Pool Activities For All Ages

Goldy Buxbaum July 12, 2023

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When the temperatures top mid-ninety degrees, there’s only one place to be.

In a pool.

For hours on end.

From sunrise to sunset.

Okay…with a possible lunch break in between, because, you know, food sustains you and all that talk.

Swimming pools are great. You can swim, chill, tan, play games, and more.

Not for naught were they dubbed “lazy days of summer.” We’re so busy doing nothing, which is a beautiful break after a long winter.

Disclaimer: Never leave children alone in or around a pool of water. All activities mentioned in this article require adult supervision.

Here are 7 ways to have fun in the pool:

1. Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba is the best stress-busting exercise to release anxiety. It’s a pool dance party. Get friends, turn on great music, and start dancing! (Woot woot!)


These Bluetooth speakers are waterproof and can be perfectly perched at the pool’s edge.


Whether you build your routine or freestyle it, these water shoes will keep you steady while showing off some moves.


Any exercise done in the water has less impact on your body while still providing an excellent cardio workout.


Aqua Zumba is one of the many ways to be productive while chilling.

2. Water Aerobics

 Water Aerobics is similar to Aqua Zumba, however, you’re not doing a routine based on music and song verses.


Water Aerobics keeps your body moving through motions such as jogging, leg lifts, water pushups, or arm curls. These water weights are the perfect accompaniment to get the most out of your workout.


Unlike aerobics on land, aerobics in the water won’t leave you sweaty and out of breath. It delivers the same or better results.


3. Water Lounges

After all that exercise, it’s time to reward yourself. Maybe a nice piña colada or a classy mimosa for the correct vibe.


Lounging on the water is high on your summer to-do list. That’s because it doesn’t take too much energy to do. And that’s precisely the best way to spend the summer.


This lounge lets you drink, relax, and tan all at the same time, while this lounge allows you to drink, relax, tan, and shmooze with friends all at the same time.


This activity should have you well rested come September.


4. Pool Games

Some of our best summer memories are from playing fun games in the pool with friends. Games such as Marco Polo or All All All Together… are you chiming along?


Here are some additional games to add to the repertoire.

● Secret Message: One person goes underwater and says a word or phrase as loud as possible. The other person must watch the lips, try to hear what they’re saying, and guess what was said. Try these cool goggles if you have difficulty keeping your eyes open underwater.


● Obstacle Course: Decide on a set of actions the swimmers must take to complete the course. Say they have to swim across the pool, tread water for two minutes, lay on their back for another two minutes, touch the floor of the pool, and swim through a ring. The person who completes the course first with no mistakes is the winner.


● Mermaid Pretend Play: These cool mermaid tails are sure to challenge the best of swimmers. Lots of fun if you’re a strong swimmer, and the best part is living your fantasy in real time.


● Diving Toys: Throw in an assortment of items that sink, such as these rings and sticks, or you can throw in some of these sinking torpedoes and squids. The person to surface with the most items on hand wins the race.


5. Water Volleyball or Aquapolo

If it’s fun on land, it’s a blast in the pool. Set up a net across the pool and divide yourselves into two teams, with one to four players on each team.


Each play starts with a serve where you hit the ball back and forth to score points. Play to win. Competition makes it fun.


6. Underwater Sea Scooter

Probably one of the most fabulous items to own. There are many different makes and models for varying needs. However, the gist is that it pulls you through the water. It’s mainly used for divers, but it’s a fun toy to ride around in a pool. This model manufactured by Yamaha is the perfect choice for a little extra bit of fun. Oh, and one more thing – you can attach a Go Pro to get the most fantastic footage underwater.


7. Water Gun Fights

Sometimes (most of the time), old-fashioned fun is the way to go. There’s nothing more wholesome than a good old water fight.


You can get this super soaker, which is cool looking and all. But if you’re hanging out in the pool, these squirters are efficient and shoot far. You know, it’s all about getting the other person and getting them good.

If you’re privileged to spend your summers at the pool, or you get to spend a day at the pool, these are sure way to fill those many hours with wholesome fun. While you’re at it, build lasting memories to boot.

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