8 Family Activities for 8 Nights

Jewnior Games November 21, 2018

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GAMIFY your Chanukah! Turn menorah-lighting latke-eating dreidel-spinning evenings into family fun nights!

Chanukah is an opportunity to create family time and family time is an opportunity to create fond memories. So what will your Chanukah family memories be? Look no further! We at Jewnior Games busy ourselves day in and day out with the creation of interactive Jewish games, crafts, science experiments, and activities. Let us do the work, and you reap the rewards!

We have compiled 8 fan favorite activities for 8 Chanukah nights that will engage the youngest and oldest members of the family and everyone in between. From toddlers to bubbes, everyone can get in on the action with these hands-on, creative, silly, smile-producing activities.

The best part?! You’re only a click away from having an activity station ready for each night of Chanukah! With a complete dollar store run list and a quick set of instructions, your home will be converted into a Chanukah fun-zone within minutes with barely any effort! And you will become the Maccabee hero of the story!

Click on any of the activity links below for a night of Chanukah family fun! Each activity comes with simple instructions and a minimal materials list and FREE printables where needed! Get going, click your way to gamify your family’s Chanukah experience!

Have fun gaming!

Faigie & Talia
Creators of Jewnior Games
Where Learning and Fun Collide!

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If we are cooking with oil and consuming the oil, might as well also be playing with oil! Using oil, food coloring and a medicine dropper, make a rainbow of bubbles that sink and swim through your bowl! Like the Jews and Greeks from the Chanukah story, you can try with all your Maccabee might but they just won’t mix!


Click here for the full instructions.






Ever dream of being the guy who calls out the bingo numbers at the bingo hall?! Well, now’s your chance! Not your typical bingo game, but then again, not your typical fun either! This hilarious game includes a printable game mat for spinning the dreidel and printable design-your-own game boards to personalize the fun!


Click here for the full instructions and printables.






Did you know the Menorah candles aren’t just used for the lighting of the Menorah? They are tools for sending secret messages of course! Using white wax candles and water paints, create secret messages and send them to family members to decipher!


Click here for the full instructions.






Do you have what it takes to be a brave and strong Maccabee? Get through boot camp with this target shooting challenge. With a bow and arrow in hand, and printable Chanukah targets for the wall, can you hit the targets from all designated points in the room? A game of survival of the fittest!


Click here for the full instructions and printables.






What’s more beautiful than Chanukah window clings stuck on the windows by the Menorah? Window clings you made yourself! With this recipe and printable Chanukah design templates, your windows will be a unique gallery to share your artistic side proudly with all those passing by!


Click here for the full instructions and template.






Not your average Chanukah, not your average games. Using different colored gelt, convert classic board games like tic tac toe, connect four, and checkers into a SWEET experience. We provide printable game boards, you provide the gelt (just make sure you don’t eat them all before you play!). It’s a dairy versus pareve kind of competition. Best played on Friday night!


Click here for the full instructions and printables.






Convert ordinary flashlights into a Chanukah light show on the wall with silhouettes of Chanukah images! With simple materials like construction paper and scissors and tape, these take minutes to create, but last for hours of fun (or until the battery runs out)! 



Click here for the full instructions and template.







Can you land the cork coaster latke into the frying pan while blindfolded? Collect yellow pom pom oil drops with each safe landing. Who will be first to have enough oil to light the menorah for 8 nights?!


Click here for the full instructions.




We’ve compiled one central list of all the materials you will need from around the house and from a quick dollar store run. Fun just got Easy Shmeezy!