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9 Memorable Things to Do with Your Family on Sukkot Chol Hamoed

Bluma Gordon October 10, 2019

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By: Bluma Gordon, Lubicom Marketing Staff



Is “Ma, we’re bored” your kids’ Sukkot motto?



It doesn’t have to be. With a little planning, Sukkot can be an enjoyable, family-bonding experience for everyone. Here’s a cheat list of nine local and home-based activities for your family. And, they don’t require boatloads of cash or huge time commitments.


1. Make a Family Tree 



Everyone in the family works together to build this gorgeous holiday centerpiece made of branches and family photos.


Cost: Less than $25 

Activity time: 1–2 hours


Send your family on a hunt to gather sticks and twigs of various lengths and thicknesses for your family tree. Once you have sticks for the trunk and a separate branch for each family member, glue-gun your makeshift tree together.


Next, dig out photos or prints and have each family member choose a favorite photo of themselves. Cut the pics into equal-sized squares or circles and use a hole puncher to punch holes at the top of each one. Slide a ribbon through each hole and tie one picture around each branch.


Stick the tree into a piece of Styrofoam. Place the styrofoam inside a slender glass vase.


2. View the Big Apple 



Even if you’re a regular Manhattan day-tripper, a trip to the city becomes magical when you view it from a different perspective.


Price: Varies, depending on activity 


Activity time: 15–40 minutes; varies with each activity 


Take your family for a sky cruise and give them an aerial view of all the city’s landmarks in a luxury helicopter joyride. These 12–15 minute rides are admittedly pricey, starting at $200 for a 4–6 seater and with an additional fee per passenger.  But if you’re willing to spend generously to give your family a once-in-a-lifetime experience—go for it. Just remember to book in advance, and bring ID of all family members along.


If you’re not looking to empty your wallet, you can pay a more modest fee and still get to view the Manhattan skyline at the Rockefeller Center’s 70th floor observation deck.


Got a fear of heights? Get an ocean view on the NYC ferry, priced at $2.75 per adult ticket.  Ferry departure times and locations vary, so plan ahead accordingly.


3. Decorate a Family Cake


Eat your cake —and have a great time with it, too! Family members are encouraged to bring out their creative, if not zany, selves in this cake-decorating and chomping activity.


Price: Less than $50


Time: 1–2 hours


Choose your favorite kosher shop for your cake-topping shopping spree. Give each family member a few dollars to choose one to two cake toppings of their choice. Once you get home, give everyone a turn to decorate a pound cake with the toppings they chose. Dole out the cake and enjoy!


4. Vist the Jewish Children’s Museum


Image copyright Selbert Perkins Design


Price: $13 per person

Activity time: 2–3 hours


If you’ve never visited the Jewish Children’s Museum with your family, put it on your to-do list for this Sukkot. They have stunning kid-friendly, Jewish-themed exhibits—like Noah’s Ark and the Tabernacle—plus, extra games and activities in honor of Sukkot.


5. Make a Homemade Chandelier


Light up your holiday with a D-I-Y chandelier for your Sukkah or kid’s room using a hula hoop, lace, ribbons, and icicle lights.


Price: Less than $50 

Activity time: 1 hour


First, pretty up your hula hoop by wrapping white lace around it. Then, after securing your icicle lights to the hoop using cable ties or thick tape, twist them around the diameter of the hoop. (Not sure what icicle lights look like? Check them out here.) Let the remaining lights hang. Next, tie long white ribbons to three opposite sides of your hoop. Connect the three ribbon strings to create a triangular-shaped hanging device.


6. Go Fruit Picking at Alstede Farms 



Give your family an old-fashioned outdoor experience handpicking organic produce and touring a 360-acre farm.


Price: Entrance fee of $8.99 per person; $19.99 child’s fee includes children’s activities 


Activity time: 2–3 hours


Got a tribe of outdoorsmen or want your kids to get out more?  Give your kid an authentic farm experience picking fruits and vegetables, taking hay rides, making their way out of a corn maze, and visiting a petting zoo and farm. Don’t leave plans for the last minute; the website requests that you book your trip in advance.


7. Have a Day of Fun at the Palisades Mall


The Palisades is a perfect trip for a family with kids of varied ages and interests, and even better if you don’t want to make a major time commitment. Spend the whole day there, or make it short and sweet.


Price: Varies, depending on activity 

Activity time: Varies 


You’ll never hear your kids say the mall is boring again. The Palisades offers a popular Imax, an 85-foot rock-climbing wall, an ice skating rink, a  bowling alley, a carousel, Ferris wheel, and indoor playground for the little ones, and more. If you’re coming for the Imax, check out their website and book in advance— not all shows are age- or family-appropriate. 


8. Create a Fishbowl Terrarium


This unique centerpiece project combines planting and art, and will give your kids pleasure long past Sukkot. To up the fun, have each one of your kids create their own.


Price: Less than $40 each

Activity time: 1 hour 


Place a layer of rocks on the bottom of a fishbowl.  (If you want, you can top the rocks with charcoal pieces to prevent mold.) Add a layer of potting soil and top it with seeds or young plants of your choice. Get creative by adding Jewish or holiday-themed miniatures or family photographs to the center of your terrarium. Water your treasure daily and watch it grow! 


9. Relax at Bear Mountain State Park


Get away from the city chaos and spend quality time in the great outdoors with your clan.


Entrance fee: $10.00 per vehicle

Activity time: Varies 


There are loads of quality, family-friendly leisure activities on this breathtaking scenic mountain.  You can walk along the hiking trail, rent paddle boats, rent bikes, and visit their mini zoo (yes, it’s got real bears).  Spend a whole day there, or choose one or two activities to keep it nice and short. 


As hard as we try to make it fun and chaos-free, family activities and trips can become stressful. Whatever you do and wherever you go, remember that the purpose is to add joy to this special time. Chag sameach!