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16 Best Recipes For Veganuary

16 Best Recipes For Veganuary

For a lot of us, January is the month of new resolutions, healthier habits, and better eating.


Whether you are already vegan, or just want to give the diet a try and see how it goes, we’re here for you with our recipe roundup of vegan recipes for “Veganuary.”


For those of you who don’t know what Veganuary is, it’s a 30 day challenge that promotes the vegan diet. It’s certainly not for everyone, but for those of you interested, we want to help you succeed!


We’ve chosen recipes that are hearty, filling, and packed with incredible flavor. We hope you enjoy!


  1. Pesto Portobello White Bean Burgers by Celeste Hackel

  2. Healthy and Rich Moroccan Bean Tomato Soup (plus Instant Pot Option) by Bat-El Gershowitz

  3. Sticky Tofu Veggie Rice Bowls by Sarah Lasry

  4. Red Vegetarian Chili by Sara Goldstein

  5. Rice Paper Spring Rolls with Dipping Sauce by Victoria Dwek

  6. Lemony Chickpea Tahini Stew by Sara Goldstein

  7. Roasted Cauliflower and Tahini Soup by Sara Goldstein

  8. Vegan Onion Tart with White Grape Reduction by Ruth Fox and Vicky Cohen

  9. Roasted Eggplant with Garlic, Fresh Herbs, and Techinah by Bassi Gruen

  10. Oven-Baked Cauliflower Risotto by Bayla Haskel

  11. Chipotle BBQ Pulled Carrot Sloppy Joe Sliders by Danny Seo

  12. Za’atar-Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpeas with Penne in Creamy Tahini Sauce by Danny Seo

  13. Pita Pockets by Sara Goldstein

  14. Spiced Carrots with Chickpeas and Herbs by Adina Silberman

  15. Mushroom Asparagus Pasta by Michal Frischman

  16. Fresh Lime, Vegetable and Coconut Curry by Ryland, Peters & Small