Shabbat Menu – Perfect for 2

Kosher.com Staff April 25, 2021

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When we were working on this newsletter we had one hesitation–all of the recipes yield a minimum of four servings, too many for a Shabbos for two. I didn’t mind though because it’s easy to divide a recipe in half.

I used to keep a big Post-it note in my personal cookbook that said “HALF” for when I halved a recipe (because let’s face it when you’re multitasking it’s easy to add in the whole cup of flour when you really only wanted a 1/2 cup).

There is an art to gauging how much you need of each ingredient, but I think that comes with experience and taking mental notes after a Shabbat meal of how much of each item went. Or, ditch the halving altogether and just subscribe to the principle that great food makes for great leftovers!


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Shabbat Shalom!



Easy BBQ Chicken from the Dining In Cookbook


Sheet-pan BBQ chicken – it’s not made on the barbecue, but it tastes very much like it is! It is quick, easy, and delicious!


Sweet Potato Quinoa Salad by Brynie Greisman

The orange vinaigrette makes this salad irresistible. It can be served room temperature as a salad or warmed as aside. It’s a great healthful choice with no added sugar.


Yerushalmi Lukshen Kugel from the Nitra Cookbook

An oldie but a goodie. This classic Yerushalmi kugel recipe is everything you’d want in the perfect kugel.


Chocolate Lava Cake by Faigy Grossmann

Chocolate lava cake is the perfect dessert whether you only have 20 minutes until Shabbat or you’re preparing a month in advance. It takes under 20 minutes to make, uses basic ingredients, and looks like restaurant fare when plated just right.