Our Hearts Are With Israel: How To Involve Your Children In A Positive Way

Kosher.com Staff October 11, 2023

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Our minds are still reeling from the current events and affairs in Israel. When Hamas terrorists cruelly infiltrated towns along the border, the heart of the entire Jewish nation shattered.

We feel confused. How can this happen in today’s day and age, with armies and technology?

We feel scared. What do we tell ourselves? How do we tell our children?

And we feel helpless. We WANT to contribute. We WANT to do our part. But how?

It is easy to get sucked into the despair.

But if we just sit there in shock and anguish, the terrorists have won.

And truthfully, many of us have to be present and emotionally stable for our children who are watching our every move.

1. One way to involve the children without traumatizing them is to create a stand to sell goods (like a lemonade stand), with proceeds going to an Israeli organization involved on the ground.

Try this basic chocolate chip cookie!
Serve it with a glass of fresh lemonade!
Maybe offer a bag of popcorn, too.

Or, feel free to come up with other ideas to sell to your neighbors and friends! You may find inspiration in this post from a previous summer.

2. Take your stand to another level by making it a brachot stand. Have a bunch of different food items on display and ask passer-byers to “pay” by making “brachot” in the merit of soldiers, or captives, or injured.
3. Writing and coloring cards to families or soldiers in Israel! There is nothing that spreads love like handwritten notes. Your simple words and colored smileys can effect the morale of those in Israel more than you even realize. A simple paper and markers will do, or you can take it up a notch with stickers and glitters. You don’t need to be an artist. When it comes to these cards, it is truly the thought that counts.

Let your children participate, do something, and raise money for soldiers at the same time.
Turn hurt and confusion into potential energy, and make something positive with the momentum!

May our good deeds and intentions help merit the return of our troops safely, and the reunion of our captives with their families. And may Mashiach come speedily in our days.