9 Pekelach with a Difference

LovePaperie May 7, 2017

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Keeping Cool

Perfect for a summer birthday or event! We customized a chocolate bar and presented it with a pair of sunglasses. You can do the same with a wafer or a candy bar. Sunglasses can be bought in bulk at any party store; we found these cute shades at Target.


Its the must-have item of the season! We tied this to an acrylic box filled with coordinating candies and customized a cute tag to finish it off.


Mini Party Bags
We found these adorable mini gift bags at target in a range of colors. Simple to customize and fill with candies, we finished it off with a label and a cute bangle (available on Amazon.com)


For the Teens
These oversized pegs are perfect for any teens room to display their favorite pics. We glued some candies wrapped in a cello bag to the front and finished it off with a custom tag to match the decor. They look great lined up en-masse on a buffet table.



Acrylic Balls
These acrylic balls are easy to create and customize to match your decor. We sprayed these gold and finished them off with custom tags and black ribbon. They can also be used as part of your decor by hanging them at different heights to create a fab feature. (Amazon)


Football Fun
A mini football attached to a customized box. Simple to create and a fun gift for the kids!



Lego Fun

Lego mini figures are a great party favor for a boys party. Can be used attached to a tag or a mini gift bag.


Trader Suri’s
We created this fun personalized take on a Trader Joe’s bag filled with healthy, organic and sugar free snacks and health bars as an alternative to all the candy filled party bags. This would look great at a rustic or woodsy themed party.


We hope all these ideas inspire you and that you come away with plenty of new plans for the party bags the next time you make a party!