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9 Remarkable and Surprising Things To Do with Tahini

Kosher.com Staff August 29, 2017

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There’s nothing better than when a trend comes around and you’ve already known about it for years. Tahini is nothing new to those who’ve grown up eating falafel or other Mediterranean foods. But even if it’s completely new to you, it’s definitely not too late to jump on the tahini train!

Tahini is an extremely versatile condiment that is made from toasted ground sesame seeds (yep, the same goodness that brings you halva). Sure, you can do it yourself, but why not use the pre-made kind to jazz up some of your favorite dishes and save you time?

You can use a good quality, Israeli-made tahini like Haddar by Baracke made with Ethiopian sesame seeds, which are considered some of the best source of sesame seeds, and a great source of antioxidants.

Below are some unexpected ideas for what to do with tahini.

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  1. Hasselback Eggplants by Chanie Apfelbaum
  2. Beef Pizza with Sausages and Tahini Drizzle by Chef Yisrael Doudex
  3. Mediterranean Smashed Potatoes With Tahini Drizzle by Sina Mizrahi
  4. Dips and Pita Crisps by Joy Devor
  5. Orange-Infused Honey-Sesame Cookies by Chavi Feldman
  6. Roasted Carrot and Chickpea Salad in Harissa-Tahini Sauce by Sina Mizrahi
  7. Healthy Basics- Sweet and Succulent Chicken by Brynie Greisman

  8. Green Salad with Piquant Tahini Dressing by Leah Barzel
  9. Middle Eastern Meat Skewers by Draizy Wercberger