Tu Bishvat

A Fun Tu Bishvat Craft For Kids Of All Ages

Sara and Yossi Goldstein January 30, 2023

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Celebrate Tu Bishvat with this cute kid-friendly craft! Kids will have so much fun gluing together wafers with icing and filling them with crushed sandwich cookies. You can use whatever candy fruit and/or vegetables you can find!



I particularly love this craft because it keeps kids busy, engaged, and happy for a while. It’s relatively cheap to put together, and is appropriate for kids of all ages. 





Gefen vanilla wafers (4 per planter)
Haddar chocolate sandwich cookies, crushed
White cookie icing
Gummy fruit and or vegetables of your choice




1. Lay four wafers flat. Cut one in half. 



2. Take two of the long wafers and spread icing on the bottom half, lengthwise.



3. Attach them to the remaining long water to form sides.



4. Spread icing on the bottom of the halved wafer, lengthwise.



5. Attach to the width of the box.



 6. Fill the box with crushed cookie crumbs.



7. “Plant” the gummy fruit or veggies into the cookie crumbs. That’s all there is to it!



How adorable and easy are these? Your kids will have a whole new appreciation for Tu Bishvat thanks to this craft.