A Must-Have List of 10 Games for Passover

Bluma Gordon March 24, 2020

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A lot of us will be spending Pesach with just a couple of family members this year, so what better way to add some excitement to your household than with some fun and distracting games?

And for those who have many kids and therefore will have a packed house, you’ll also need to keep the family entertained and happy!

Choose from a variety of bestselling games on this ultimate Passover game list.

1. Let My People Go! 

Get out of Egypt as quickly as you can in this relaxing, kid-friendly Trouble game

Good for: 2-4 players

For ages: 3 and up

An age-old favorite that’s both stunning in simplicity and great for kids as young as three years old, this adorable Passover-themed Trouble game is a good option for family fun that includes little kids and adults of all ages.

2. Time’s Up-Title Recall

A fast-paced, interactive word-guessing card game

Good for: 2-10 players

For ages: 12 and up

A variation of Time’s Up, Time’s Up-Title Recall is a refreshing, fun mix of Taboo and Charades. The bestselling game is ideal for teens and adults who thrive on highly-competitive, high-energy games that involve guessing and teamwork.

3. How Jew You Do

Get family and guests talking through this trivia-style Passover card game 

Good for: 2-8 players

For ages: 4 and up

This highly-rated creative activity is a great conversation starter during meals, on long afternoons, and can include players of all ages.

4. Sequence, Jewish Edition 

A group-friendly, kid-friendly sequencing board game

Good for: 2-6 players

For ages: 6 and up

If the original Sequence game is not a part of your game collection yet, grab the Jewish-themed variation of this bestseller. This short and sweet 15-minute game is a great option for those who enjoy activities that demand intense focus and strategy but don’t require long attention spans. If want to include more than 6 people in the fun, you can team up and play in pairs.

5. Passover Seder Bingo

A keeper for families who want to involve the little ones and keep kids alert during the Seder.

Good for: 2-6 players

For ages: 3 and up

This easy-to-learn and easy-to-play Passover-themed Bingo game involves players of all different ages. It’s great both for low-pressure fun on yom tov afternoons and as an incentive to keep the little ones awake during the Seder. Add a twist and use nuts and chocolates as game piece replacements to up the Seder fun.

6. Happy Salmon

Get rid of all your cards first in this unpredictable, chaotic card game

Good for: 2-12 players

For ages: 12 and up

Looking for a fast-paced game that has players screaming, laughing, and getting in touch with their wild sides? This 60-second, high-energy game is fun when played among close family members.

7. Catan

Rack up points and collect empires in this award-winning, competitive board game 

Good for: 3-4 players

For ages: 10 and up

This one- to two-hour-long modern monopoly-style game is a good pick for those who thrive on games that requires foresight and strategy and enjoy playing for long stretches of time. Pair up in teams of two if more than four players want to join.

8. Apples to Apples, Jewish Edition

Enjoy quality time schmoozing with family in this wacky game of word comparisons

Good for: 4-10 players

For ages: 12 to adult

Whether you have the original version of the best-selling game or not, you’ll love this refreshing, Jewish edition of Apples to Apples. This card game is interactive, easy to learn and play, and perfect for large groups who love words, socializing, and having a good laugh.

9. Zingo Bingo 

Fill the board quickly in this best-selling, fast-paced Bingo-style game

Good for: 2-7 players

For ages: 4 and up

Got a bunch of little kids to entertain? This Bingo-style vocabulary game that I enjoyed as a kid is still a favorite of moms of little ones. Kids love the hands-on zinger devices that accompany each game, and educators love how it teaches kids important skills, like pattern and sight-word recognition.

10. Codenames

Crack the code word in this awesome deduction, spy-themed card game 


Good for: 4-8 players

For ages:12 and up

Fast-paced, short, and involving, this intrigue-involving, wordplay-style game is an all-around winner. Grab this if your family likes brain-teasing fun that includes word-guessing, teamwork, and competition.

The long yom tov of Passover does not need to turn into an elbow-shoving, kid-brawling holiday. Even if your family will be shuttered indoors over most of this yom tov, they can still stay sane, happy, and entertained with these games.