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Ask ArtScroll: Meat & Wine During the Nine Days

ArtScroll Staff July 16, 2018

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What are prohibited foods during the Nine Days?


The meat of an animal (e.g., beef, lamb) or fowl (e.g., chicken, turkey [all references to chicken that follow include turkey, duck, etc.]) or food that was cooked with meat or chicken are included in the prohibition.

Parve food cooked in a clean meat pot is not included in the prohibition, even if the pot had been used for meat within the previous twenty-four hours.


Wine and grape juice are forbidden. Diluted wine or grape juice that retains its flavor is prohibited, even if it has been diluted to the point that the bracha Hagefen can no longer be recited over it. Beer and other non-grape alcoholic beverages are not included in the prohibition.

Does the prohibition of drinking wine apply to both cooking and baking?

One may not cook a dish with wine if the wine enhances the dish. However, it is permitted to add wine to a dough even though the wine enhances the dough.

Is it permissible to buy meat or wine during the Nine Days?

One may sell or buy meat during the Nine Days to eat after the Nine Days. The prohibition of marit ayin (the appearance of wrongdoing) does not apply here, because in certain instances (i.e., sick person, seudat mitzvah) meat and wine may be eaten. One who sells meat should consult a halachic authority regarding selling meat to a non-observant Jew who eats meat during the Nine Days.

When it comes to children, what are the terms of following Nine Days’ prohibitions with food?

All authorities agree that a healthy child who has reached the age of chinuch regarding mourning (i.e., seven or eight) is not permitted to eat meat or drink wine, and all agree that a child younger than three is exempt from the prohibition. Some authorities exempt a child between the ages of three and seven; theMishnah Berurah, however, does not. A frail child who would benefit from eating meat may do so, regardless of age.

Can children eat meat Erev Shabbos?
Some authorities rule that children who find it difficult to stay awake to eat the Shabbos meal at the proper time may eat it on Friday after midday.

Content reproduced from Laws of the 3 Weeks, Tishah B’Av & Fasts Laws of Daily Living Series by Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen, reprinted with permission from the copyright holders, ArtScroll/Mesorah Publications, Ltd.

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