21 Best Snacks to Send to Your Kids in Camp

Kosher.com Staff July 6, 2021

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It’s officially sleepaway camp season. (Insert parent jumping for joy to celebrate some well-deserved “me time.”)


Now’s the time when a lot of you start planning those special camp care packages to send to your kids, grandkids, friends, cousin, or anyone you know away at camp! Whether it be for a birthday, a homesick child or “just because,” sending a care package is the perfect way to show your love.


But before you start scratching your head trying to think what to buy, we’ve done all the work for you!


Below are the best snacks out there that they’ll absolutely be thrilled to receive!


1. Heaven and Earth Taffy Ropes



What kid wouldn’t want a “taffy rope” to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings? And with Heaven & Earth’s promise to bring you wholesome, better-for-you foods and snacks, what parent wouldn’t want to send some to their kids at camp?


2. Gefen Noodle Soup



Ah, the comfort of home in a little cup. When your kid needs a little pick-me-up, make sure they are prepared with Gefen’s noodle soup in cup. All it needs is hot water and this meal is ready to go!

3. Gefen Granola Bar Oats and Honey



Perfect for the high-energy kid, these crunchy granola bars are packed with 21 grams of whole grain and 4 grams of protein, making them the perfect snack for on the go! As a plus, they don’t contain any peanuts.


4. Must Bazooka Gum



Bazooka gum has been a classic since we all were kids, and it’s the perfect treat to send to camp! Be sure to buy the 16 pack so they can share with all their bunk mates!


5. Haddar Fruit Snacks



Delicious strawberry watermelon fruit snacks that are gluten free, have no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, or flavoring? We’ll take ten.


6. Manischewitz Tam Tams



The snack that goes with…everything! From tuna and hummus to string cheese and jam, Tam Tams are the perfect snack to satisfy those snack attacks!


7. Must Sugar Free Hard Candies



Get creative with your packaging and create themes! A theme any kid would love? Lemon! Include pouches of lemonade, lemon bars, and lemon candies like these tasty sucking candies!


8. Haddar Sour Fruit Jellies



A guaranteed pleaser? SOUR! Something us parents might not relate to, but something about that word is instantly a winner with kids. These Haddar jellies are individually wrapped so they’re easy to share and easy to take when coming and going from the bunk.


9. Heaven and Earth Fruit Strips



Not to go down the “healthy” sales pitch again, but Heaven and Earth REALLY is the snack to choose for better-for-you snacks that actually taste amazing! These are tried and true (they’re a favorite in the Kosher.com offices). Each fruit strip contains one full serving of fruit, and they come in amazing flavors like apple cherry, apple tropical, apple mango passionfruit, and apple apricot.


10. Geneve Chocolate Bars



For the chocoholic who knows the difference between good and great, Geneve premium Swiss chocolate is a treat that any child will go nuts for. Put these in a “chocolate” themed box with other chocolate treats for extra *brownie* points.


11. Haddar Hot Chocolate Mix



Speaking of chocolate, what’s better than a hot cup of cocoa on a brisk summer night? Send with marshmallows and a special mug for the complete package.


12. Haddar Instant Mashed Potatoes



We all hope the camp food is a hit with our kid, but in case it’s not, send a backup meal like these easy and delicious (and let’s face it, super kid friendly) instant mashed potatoes!


13. Glicks Hot Sauce



For the little chefs out there, this one’s for you! Add to pizza, wings, soups, and even snacks like chips, popcorn, and pretzels for the ultimate spice!


14. Gefen Chunk Light Tuna



Another great backup food- tuna! Easy and healthy, Gefen tuna is a great meal option and is also perfect paired with easy-to-find camp snacks like chips or crackers.


15. Elite Spearmint Gum



We can’t forget about the older kids going off to camp! Mint gum is that mature “MUST”-have that they’ll want tucked into their bags all day.


16. Absolutely Gluten Free Stacked BBQ Potato Crisps



The fact that these are resealable with a sturdy, pop-open container to ensure they stay fresh and crisp is a game changer!


17. Gefen Chocolate Coated Wafers



Perfect for when your child wants a chocolatey treat that’s parve. Add some to that chocolate package we noted above.


18. Gefen Mini Croutons (Soup Mandel)


Some kids have their must-haves, whether it be hot sauce (see above) or soup mandels. Send your kid comfort treats unique to them that you know will make the difference and put a smile on their face.


19. Kedem 8-ounce Grape Juice



Your kids will get plenty of soda and fruit punch at camp, but how about their own personal grape juice? Include a note that says “freeze me,” for an irresistible Shabbat slushie.


Is your kid on a gluten-free diet? Here are a couple of our favorite gluten free snacks!


20. Elite Gluten Free Wafers


21. Absolutely Gluten Free Crackers