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The Best Wines for Your Chanukah Party

Gabriel Geller November 21, 2018

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Chanukah is not only about donuts, latkes and menorahs. If you have young children, your calendar is probably booked throughout the holiday with multiple Chanukah parties. Chanukah parties, however, are not for kids only, and many of us enjoy gathering with friends and family after lighting the candles and enjoying some good times over food and drinks.


Wine is always welcome at such celebrations. But the real question is: Which wines are the best to party with?


I think this is a great opportunity to discover some wines you may have not heard of, wines that are not only delicious but also perfect for parties.


A natural choice would be bubbly. You are probably thinking now, “Oh, Champagne. But that’s expensive, isn’t it?”


True, Champagne is not cheap. There are however other sparkling wines that are not Champagne and yet are excellent and quite affordable to boot.



The Koenig Crémant Brut is a sparkling wine made with the same method as Champagne but from Pinot Blanc grapes. Its sharp bubbles and citrusy notes would make it the highlight of any party. It would also pair with latkes perfectly! (More: 29 Latkes You’ll Love)



For many people, brisket is a staple Chanukah dish and it will be certainly served at many parties. If you are going for a traditional, savory-sweet recipe, I would recommend trying the Jezreel Argaman 2016. Jezreel seems to have mastered the Argaman, creating a powerful, bold, and fruit-forward wine that is rich and layered. That should make for a meal to remember!



No party is complete without dessert. Whether you will serve donuts or something else, maybe an apple or lemon pie, you cannot go wrong with a great Sauternes. Château Piada is back with yet another great wine from the 2016 vintage. Lusciously yet not cloyingly sweet with notes of ripe apricot, dried mango, marzipan, and hazelnuts, it has plenty of mouthwatering acidity to cut through the oily, decadent Chanukah donuts.


Chag Chanukah Sameyach! L’chaim!




Photography by Tzvi Cohen