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Bonei Olam Vzakeini: 18,000 Women Making Miracles Happen

Kosher.com Staff May 18, 2020

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VIDEO: Watch this Inspirational Bonei Olam- Vzakeini Story

When a couple finds out that they can’t have children on their own, it’s painful. But when they realize that access to thousands of dollars is the new challenge they must face, it can make them feel hopeless.


D.L. and C.L.* felt a blow when they learned that the only way for them to have children would be through difficult fertility treatments. But they felt crushed when they heard the price tag. They couldn’t afford it and parenthood looked like the impossible.



Enter Bonei Olam, the only fertility organization whose mission is to provide the means or resources necessary for childless couples to pursue medical fertility treatment.

C.L. called Bonei Olam and Rabbi Bochner came on the phone:

“Have you heard of the v’zakeini initiative? Women donate $1 each and they pray at candle lighting for our couples. Each week we donate the money raised to one childless couple’s treatment. You will be the recipients of this week’s funds.”


One phone call and there was hope again.


This week, Rabbi Bochner called to let them know they will be receiving eight thousand dollars towards their treatment.




For them, their impossible dream is now within reach.

C.L. shares, “I have no words to describe the feeling of support I have knowing that 8,000 women are standing behind us as we move towards our dream of parenthood.”


*The story is real, the names are changed to protect the couple’s privacy.