The Ultimate Matanos L’evyonim Opportunity! Feed the Poor on Purim Day

Alexander Rapaport March 5, 2020

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By Alexander Rapaport, CEO of Masbia Soup Kitchens


For all the excitement on Kosher.com about making creative and delicious mishloach manot, we can never forget that another essential mitzvah on Purim is giving food to the needy. Masbia Soup Kitchens provide food to the hungry with dignity all year round.


Over Purim, Masbia must provide a staggering $135,000 in food to those in need.



By directly feeding the poor on Purim day, you’ll fulfill the Mitzvah of Matanos L’evyonim in its purest form.


Funds donated through this campaign will go directly towards feeding the disabled, sick, old, and children in Masbia’s communities over the course of Taanis Esther, Purim, and Shushan Purim.



The  $135,000 amount mentioned above is a carefully calculated cost split between 500+ sit-down meals a day in our soup kitchens and 2,000+ emergency food packages to families. We arrived at these numbers based on demand in previous years.



The cost of a Purim meal is $18/person, so a starting donation of $36 ensures you’ve fed two aniyim (poor people) on Purim.


The cost of emergency food supplies is $54/package, so a minimum donation of $108 ensures you’ve fed two families. Families will then use these basic supplies – such as rice, potatoes, and eggs –  to create their own meals at home, with dignity.


It hurts that so many are in need. But we can meet this vital need with your help.


100% of the funds we raise through this campaign will be spent on food.



You’ll bring joy to so many needy men, women, and children. Donate to Masbia to fulfill the real mitzvah of Matanot La’Evyonim and Mishloach Manot.  www.masbia.org/purim2020



Alexander Rappaport

Executive Director


Ps. The more we raise, the more basic supplies we can distribute. So please, give as much as you possibly can.


$18/Meal $54/emergency package


Sponsored by Masbia