Celebrating at Your Socially Distant Simcha

Elisheva Blumberg June 29, 2020

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None of us could have predicted the way this pandemic would change the face of simchas.

With large crowds and indoor spaces suddenly disallowed, we’ve all been left wondering how we can celebrate while also keeping safe.

The great news is that there are many standout simcha ideas that work in tandem with even the most stringent social distancing rules.

Whether you’ll be commemorating an occasion as momentous as a wedding — or as low-key as a child’s birthday — check out these brilliant ideas to help you host a fabulous socially-distant celebration.

Please note: When planning any in-person event, please check your local laws for the most recent safety guidelines in your area.


We’re in the era of the Zoom party.

With the possibility of live-streaming anything and everything, video conferencing allows guests from all over the world to take part in any celebration.

The most important thing you can do when hosting a virtual event is to plan an itinerary. Sitting at a screen can get wearying for party guests, but you can avoid this with some fun activities — and an airtight plan for executing them.

1. Make something together

A small building kit, like this LEGO construction loader, is the perfect way to keep younger kids involved in a virtual birthday party. Have a set delivered to each guest before the party so everyone will come to the party prepared.

2. Watch a video together

Feature your guest(s) of honor on a virtual presentation and share it on your Zoom call. There are so many ways to get creative with a video slideshow:

  • Collect short video clips of family and friends sending their special wishes
  • Dig up some photos and video clips to feature
  • Set the presentation to personalized music picks that will be meaningful to the guest of honor

3. Play games together

Zoom’s screen share feature makes it easy for all the guests to partake in a shared activity. There are countless fun games everyone can collaborate on together, which makes for a super engaging time.

We love Jeopardylabs, where you can create your own themed Jeopardy game and design the questions around the occasion. This works especially well for an anniversary, as you can feature trivia questions about the couple, and even include old photographs and sound clips.

When you host the videoconference, share your screen with the other guests, and have them raise their hand or type their answer into the public chat box.


A perfect compromise between a digital party and a real-life one, a drive-by party gives guests the opportunity to send their wishes in person — while still maintaining a safe distance.

Here’s how to make your drive-by party a smashing success:

1. Festive decor

Cheer up your lawn with decorations! Balloons, streamers, and eye-catching lawn signs will put everyone in a celebratory mood.

2. Drive-by parade

Set a time for guests to drive past your home in their cars. They can play music, blow bubbles, or sing “Happy birthday” through their open car window as they drive by.

To up the ante, guests can decorate their cars in various themes, depending on the event. Think faux flowers, balloons, ribbons, and personalized signs.

3. Grab-n-go treats

Even if you can’t sit down with your guests at a table, you can still share some good food! See our list of Grab ‘N Go Treats for goodies that can be individually packed and doled out at your drive-by party.


Depending on the regulations where you live, you may be able to host an outdoor party with a limited guest list.

Make your celebration memorable and beautiful with these fantastic outdoor party ideas.

Please note: When planning any in-person event, please check your local laws for the most recent safety guidelines in your area.

1. DIY decor
As we’re seeing more and more these days, you don’t need to go into debt to make a beautiful event.

For a wedding, bar mitzvah, brit milah, or any other life cycle celebration, you can create your own decorations for a gorgeous outdoor scene.

Check out How to Create a Beautiful Flower Arrangement on a Budget and You CAN Impress with Paper Goods for ways to make your own upscale decor.

2. Monogrammed masks 

Give your guests the most adorable — and practical — wedding favors: a personalized face mask with your monogram. (These will look AMAZING in pictures, too!)

3. Video hookup

When you host even an in-person party, there will be some guests who won’t be able to attend, whether due to attendance limits, health concerns, or the simple fact that they live too far away. In these cases, take advantage of all technology has to offer, and add a virtual component to your outdoor simcha. Rent a large screen or projector and stream your special event so your virtual attendees can feel like they’re celebrating at your side.


The need for social distancing has forced people to tap their wells of creativity and come up with some truly unique ways to celebrate simchas.

Here are some out of the box ways to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, and many other celebrations.

1. Rent a food truck

Standard buffets and shared meals can pose major challenges when it comes to social distancing. An ingenious way to solve this? A food truck.

Rent a food or ice cream truck and have it parked outside your home or in a designated meeting location. Party-goers can enjoy a unique food experience while maintaining social distance.


2. Phone call-a-thon

While video calling has become the norm for most, there are still folks out there who prefer old-fashioned telephone calls.

For a grandparent, an older relative, or someone without access to video technology access, a phone call-a-thon can be a welcome way to celebrate a milestone, such as a birthday or anniversary.

Reach out to old friends, long-lost relatives, and other people with whom the guest of honor would enjoy speaking with. Give each caller a scheduled time to dial in during the day so they can share a few minutes of well-wishing and catching up.

3. Convertible

When party guests can’t come to you, why not go to them? An inventive idea for a sheva brachot entails renting a convertible for the happy couple. Decorate their ride with a Just Married banner and the bride and groom can drive around and collect socially-distant mazel tovs from family and friends.


With all the innovative options for any kind of party, you can throw a socially distant simcha that follows the rules, creates long-lasting memories, and feels anything but distant!