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Can I BBQ Fish and Meat on the Same Grill?

OU Kosher June 30, 2021

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By: Halacha Yomit team of OU KOSHER


I barbecued fish and meat on separate racks of a grill at the same time. May the food be eaten?


One may not roast kosher and non-kosher meat in an oven at the same time, because of the concern that the reicha (aroma) from one food would spread to the next. However, if this was already done then the food may be eaten (see Shulchan Aruch [YD 108:1]).


What about kosher fish and kosher meat? Since mixing fish and meat is a matter of sakana (danger), is it prohibited to consume the fish and the meat? This is a matter of dispute between the Rema and the Shach. The Rema (Shulchan Aruch YD 116:2) rules that although this should not have been done, bedieved (after the fact) the aroma of fish would not affect the meat. The Shach (YD 116:1), however, rules that because this is a matter of sakana we are stricter than with non-kosher and therefore the fish and meat may not be eaten. The Aruch Hashulchan (YD 116:10) writes that the halacha follows the lenient position of the Rema.

Our discussion relates to dry fish or meat. If the fish or meat contains liquid, there is an issue of zeiya (steam) and there may be a concern even bedieved if baked together.

It is noteworthy that if either the meat or fish is covered while they are baking, there is no problem of reicha, and this may be done lichatchila (YD 108:1).