Chanie Apfelbaum Tries Out The Newest Passover Snacks!

Chanie Apfelbaum April 15, 2024

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I was SO excited when Kosher.com sent me the latest and greatest Passover snacks to try. No more bags of hard-boiled eggs and matza on Chol Hamoed outings!! Amiright?

Lets start with the sweets!

Old Williamsburg Beef Jerky

Is it weird that this was my favorite snack? My kids and I finished the bag in just about a minute – they are THAT good. I love that there’s a jerky option for Passover snacking; it’s so great for traveling or a snacking/charcuterie board! The jerky is sweet and peppery – my favorite blend of flavors. The texture is spot-on perfection.

Gefen Almond Butter Cups

I was over the moon for these because I have a peanut allergy in my house and I always wished they made them kosher with almond butter. I might have to stock up! I loved that the filling wasn’t just creamy, it had a really nice texture. Plus 2 in a package makes for great portion control, because you’re definitely going to want more! I might add a sprinkle of salt to the top for a salted treat!

Manischewitz Brownie Cookies

These crumbly squares have a bit of a gritty/sandy texture, but not in a bad way. They’d be great with coffee or dipped into tea! The chocolate brownie flavor doesn’t come through that much, but I bet they’d be great dipped in chocolate.

Heaven & Earth Potato Chips, Andean Potato

Have you ever heard of Andean potatoes? Neither have I! But I never met a potato chip I didn’t like. These reminded me of those blue chips that Jetblue used to serve, but they’re even prettier. They’re crispy, light and salty – what’s not to love.

Haddar Gluten Free Striped Cookies

While the cookies shape didn’t match the shape on the packaging, the snap of the cookie made up for it! Usually, packaged Passover cookies are soft and often powdery, but these have a lovely crunch. And just the right amount of chocolate – they’re definitely reminiscent of the striped cookies I grew up eating. 

Haddar Pressed Pretzels

These were the biggest surprise of the package – just wow!! A kosher for Passover pretzel that actually tastes like PRETZELS!! How? Just think of the possibilities!! Chocolate covered pretzels, pretzel coated shnitzel, pretzel ice cream sandwiches….

Geneve Gianduja Creamy Cubes

These cubes of dark chocolate and hazelnut are like little bites of fudge and it’s hard to believe they’re pareve!! They’re not over-the-top sweet, and just the perfect portion size for a little after-dinner bite or afternoon pick-me-up. 

Heaven & Earth Cassava Chips

Made from Cassava root, these chips have a lovely bite to them! They’re thicker and crunchier than regular chips, the perfect alternative to tortilla chips for Passover. These would go great with guacamole or ceviche. 

Gefen Wonton Chips

Yes, they look like wonton chips, and they taste like them too! These chips have a nice crunch and flavor – they’d be great dipped into duck sauce, added to noodle soup, or crushed over your grilled chicken salad. So many possibilities!

Sponsored by Gefen, Heaven & Earth, Geneve, Haddar, Old Williamsburg, and Manischewitz.