Behind The Scenes

Chanukah with Whisk 2023

Estelle Chait November 30, 2023

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Hi guys! Today we are bringing you behind the scenes to a photo shoot for the cover of…Whisk magazine! We will be joining Malky and Yossi Levine at their home in Jerusalem, where we’ll get to see all the fun work and prep that goes into a food photography shoot. In this post (and corresponding Whisk article), you can expect to see lots of delicious food and recipes, fun hosting ideas for your upcoming Chanukah party, and some secret tips from the chef. Let’s dive in!

Yossi shows us a steamer basket full of beautiful steamed buns (bao), ready to be photographed.

Yossi Levine lifts the lid off a basket of mince stuffed dumplings.

The table setting for the Chanukah Chinese party theme Whisk feature has been set and ready to go since the night before. The candles were lit, bowls of sauces filled, and at 10 am, the photography work day begins!

Malky Levine fills a steamed bun with pulled beef, sliced scallion, and pickled red onion, before placing them in the steamer to be photographed.

All the food has been prepared the day before the shoot, and Yossi cuts up vegetables and garnish fresh right before each dish is photographed.

Yossi and Malky Levine add the finishing touches to the table before starting.

Take a look at the bloopers below!

There you have it! The ins and outs of a Whisk photoshoot! It takes so much planning and vision but is so much fun to create nonetheless! A big thank you to Malky and Yossi for letting me join in on the day!

I hope you enjoyed this special behind-the-scenes look! Happy Chanukah!

To find all the recipes, and to see the final results of the photo shoot, look for Ami Magazine’s Whisk section, your source of delicious recipes, in your subscription this week, or if you aren’t subscribed, on your local newsstands!

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