4 Stunning Themes for Your Sukkah

Elisheva Blumberg September 28, 2019

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By: Elisheva Blumberg, Lubicom Staff



A Sukkah is kind of like a baby. 


In the same way that every baby is a beautiful baby (yes — even a scraggly little newborn), every Sukkah is a beautiful Sukkah (yes — even a parking lot pop-up contraption).


The fact that once a year we toil for the mitzvah of Sukkot, spending so much time building a little hut we’ll only use for one week — well, that’s beautiful! 


Bottom line: every Sukkah is a beauty in its own right. But if you like to take your Sukkah decorating a step further than the traditional, why not go the themed Sukkah route?


Any of these 4 hand-picked Sukkah themes will transform your temporary dwelling into a memory that will last a lifetime. 


Theme 1: Desert Sands


The most apropos way to commemorate the original temporary dwelling huts of the Jews? A desert theme.


One of the main reasons for the Sukkot holiday is to recall the 40 years we spent wandering in the Sinai after G-d freed us from Egyptian slavery. Why not use this as a springboard for one very creative Sukkah theme?


  1. Sand art

    The first thing that comes to mind with a ‘desert’ is sand. Purchase bags of colored sand and sand art bottles for a kid-friendly activity, and on-theme Sukkah decoration.

    For a more upscale look, color-coordinate your sand art. Oriental trading has some beautiful sand colors — stick with a palette of three or four colors. (For a desert theme, a gorgeous palette would be coral, tan, and mint.)

    Tie string around the caps of the sand art bottles and hang them in your Sukkah.

  2. Succulents

    With their iconic shape and texture, succulents are the perfect desert-themed decorative plant. Set your table with these mini pastel succulents in planters or for only a few bucks, you can create your own succulent centerpiece.

  3. Native American art

    Draw inspiration from the textiles of the American Southwest. Instead of a traditional tablecloth, cover your Sukkah table with tribal patterned fabrics in striking colors and textures. Fabric.com has lots of options, like these Arizona Arid Horizon and Tucson Stone Turquoise prints.


Theme 2: Black + Rose Gold



For an opulent twist on black-and-white, try black and rose gold. 


  1. String lights

    Rose gold diamond string lights will enhance your Sukkah with a warm glow and beautiful coloration. Pair with sheer voile black curtains for stunning effect.

  2. Table runner

    A rose gold sequin table runner will amp up the luxe factor of a simple black tablecloth.

  3. Accent pieces

    While you’ll have no problem finding black decor for your Sukkah, rose gold might pose a challenge.

    The simplest fix? A can of metallic rose gold spray paint.

    Use your spray paint to customize any Sukkah accent, like dollar store vases, picture frames, or silk flowers.


Theme 3: New England Autumn


At least here in the Northeastern U.S., Sukkot and autumn are inseparable! Glean inspiration for your Sukkah from the warm color palette of the season’s foliage and the beautiful autumnal nature elements. And of course, Sukkot is a festival of harvest, so the theme works on many levels.


At this time of year, craft stores will be well-stocked with seasonal decorative items, so you’re sure to find lots of options like wooden wreaths, dried leaf and floral decor, and seasonally scented candles.




  1. Pine-cone crafts

    Whether you collect natural pine cones yourself or order them online, these recognizable exemplars of fall will make adorably thematic table centerpieces, hanging decor, or wall decor.

    Try your hand at Pine Cone Roses, Pine Cone Zinnias, Pine Cone Napkin Rings, or a Pine Cone Gold Leaf Garland.

  2. Spice and scent

    Fill terrarium ornament balls with whole spices, like nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and allspice berries. Whole spices have a decorative look, and the open design of the terrarium balls will allow a delicious autumnal scent to (literally) spice up your Sukkah.

  3. All about autumn colors

    Set your table in the warm, rich hues of autumn.

    If you’re not sure what colors work for a fall theme, think of fall foliage. Rust, goldenrod, pumpkin, burgundy — any colors you see on the leaves of a fall maple tree will work.

    Start with one item, such as these Fall Cloth Napkin Sets, and you can choose the rest of the decor around the same color scheme.


Theme 4: Sukkot in Morocco


An extravaganza of color and texture, a Moroccan-themed Sukkah will create a festive atmosphere for Sukkot. 



And what better backdrop for a holiday that is referred to as “Z’man Simchateinu” (“the Season of Our Rejoicing”)?!


  1. Shimmer and shine

    As you create your Moroccan Sukkah, feel free to go all out on the bling factor.

    This gold serving basket would make a stunning Challah tray and these decorative votives would be fascinating when repurposed as Yom Tov candle holders.

    Basically, anything gold, shiny, and intricately decorated will be a perfect match for a Moroccan theme.

  2. Lights on

    The right lantern will add not only light, but glorious style to your Moroccan Sukkah.

    For the most authentic look, choose a hanging lantern with glass panels and carved metal, like these LED light lanterns with colored glass.

  3. Plush comfort

    OK, so we’re not saying you have to eat on the floor, but you can still achieve the same cozy feel by filling your Sukkah with richly patterned textiles and comfortable cushions.

    Check out these tasseled cushion covers, this colorful wall tapestry, and this bright and textured outdoor rug.




So many themes, so little time! Theming can be an overwhelming prospect, but remember, every Sukkah is beautiful! 


And whatever theme you end up choosing, your Sukkah will be not only beautiful, but a true work of art.